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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Daffodils in March

I'm working on the tenth book in my series, but I've not been writing it very fast. I'm only on the 26th chapter now. I've been so busy with other things, but I've decided to get back to it. My books go by the month and this tenth book is called Daffodils in March. The book is covering the opioid problem that is so rampant in our area and many other area's too. I'm also including Amish families because I have Amish families living in my area. I'm only going to write part of  the latest chapter here rather than write all of them.

                                                   CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX

      Catherine was busy planting some of the little seedlings in larger pots when she heard the doorbell ring. Serena had already left so she went out and saw Linc Davis with the twins Hannah and Teddy. She smiled and said, "Long time no see."

      I'm here to get more tomato plants for my grandma and aunt. They had me enlarging their vegetable garden." Linc Davis said. "They want some more herbs, too."

      Hannah and Teddy had already ran over to pet Molly.  "Such a pretty dog," Hannah crooned.

      Molly gave both of them a doggie smile and then licked Hannah's face before turning to Teddy to lick his face. Both of the kids giggled.

      Hannah turned to her father. "Dad I think it's time we had our own dog to protect us." she said with a serious look at him while Teddy continued to pet Molly.

      "Protect you from what?" Linc asked with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

      "Well you know we found that skeleton in the tunnel under the house. Maybe someone will come and thrown me and Teddy down there and you will never know where we went to," Hannah said.

        Linc laughed. "I'm sure you would scream loud enough for us to hear you."

        "But what if we broke our arms and legs or even worse were knocked unconscious," Hannah said.

       Linc shook his head. "You'll have to ask your mother about this. The last time your mother didn't think you were old enough to have a dog.  They need groomed and fed you know."

    Hannah nodded her head and her black braids with colorful beads were shaking.

    Catherine had a hard time keeping from laughing. Then she said to Linc, "Come into the greenhouse with me and we'll fill up some flats while Hannah and Teddy spoil Molly. She turned and he followed her back. When they got to the tomato plants and herbs, Catherine turned to him. "John wanted to ask you some questions, but now that you're here I can ask you."
     He cocked his head a little and said, "Go ahead. What does he want to know?"
     "Well, he doesn't think you might know as much as those in the high school do about the drug problems  as those in the high school.might have heard.  He's wondering if it's someone who works in the high school or is a substitute teacher or maybe a janitor. There have been times when a group of teenagers were behind the high school in the evening and took off when they saw a police cruiser pull up. And I know you heard about the murder of Danny Oliver, and there was a boy that Officer Joe Salcone found unconscious because he's odied on a drug.

       They continued talking for a while and Linc told Catherine if he heard anything he would let John know.
       Catherine told Linc it would be a good idea if he got a dog for Hannah and Teddy. "But be sure Hannah doesn't give her supper to the dog," Catherine said.

       Linc smiled at her. "She's something else, isn't she? Liz thinks it's because I spoil her by laughing at the things she says and does."
       Catherine watched them as they left. It would be hard not to laugh at Hannah she thought.



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