Thursday, June 23, 2022

Where I Write by Connie Berry

This is a photo of my desk at home in Ohio. As you can probably tell, I didn’t straighten it up for you, although it can get a lot messier than this at times. This is where I write, in all its disorganized glory. Maybe you can pick out some of the elements, maybe not, but I surround myself with things I need and love. Here are my Top Ten:

1.     My comfortable chair

When we moved into this house twenty-one years ago, I bought one of the old-style X chairs with all the adjustments. When you spend a lot of time sitting down, it’s important to be comfortable.

2.     My special keyboard and monitor

Since my computer is really small, I need these additional items to be able to write. I like my keyboard (the HP Wireless Elite v. 2) so much that I buy them in twos.

3.     My printer

I like to print out bits of research—I know, I know, but I’m not good at organizing information online.

4.     A notebook for every current project

Which is where I keep all those printed-out bits of research.

5.     My current shelf of resource books

The books change with every project. You might be able to make out several books on Devon. It’s a clue.

6.     My painted rock

The rock was given to me by a dear friend, an artist. It’s not only lovely to look at; it comes in handy as a paperweight.

7.     My candle holder

I love to burn scented candles when I’m writing. Makes me happy.

8.     Photographs of people I care about

Included are my parents, my children, my friends, and my Wall of Women (the red cork board), where I keep photos of women who’ve played important roles in my life.

9.     Graphics

Among my favorites are a framed Peanuts cartoon, given to me by a student during my years of teaching, and a print by Carl Larsson, which reminds me of my Scandinavian heritage.

10.  My bottle of FIJI water


If a desk tells you something about its occupant, you now know more about me than you did before.

What’s on your desk, and what would that tell us about you? Enquiring minds want to know!


  1. Oh, my, you have a fabulous desk, I love how well you’ve used the space and the corner really does give you more room. Because I’ve worked from home for so long, my desk has a lot of feelgood items. A tropically colored Adirondack chair that’s a cell phone rest with a place for the charger cord. A vintage Marc Bellaire covered dish that holds my paperclips, a Kelvin Chen eyeglass holder featuring cats. Things I like to look at that make me feel happy – much like your desk!

  2. Thanks for the tour of your wonderful writing space, Connie! I love that it's tucked into the corner. It makes me want to rearrange my space. I might be able to fit in another bookshelf. My desk is just three boards on top of a couple of short filing cabinets, so I could cut them to fit the desk into the corner . . . hmmm. But maybe I should meet my deadline first.

  3. Nice office! It looks like the command center of your home. I remember when Emmie climbed up on the counter.

    I write at the kitchen table with my desk supplies in a bank of drawers nearby. I keep printouts of my current WIPs in a plastic file box. The printer is next door in my husband's office. The dog beds are next to the table.

  4. My desk area is similar to yours, Connie. But my problem is--in our new house, I have to share with my husband. Normally, he's gone during the day so it isn't a big problem. But I do have to contend with his "stuff" in my space. It's invasive. Only some of the stuff is mine. I have a material covered coffee can for my pens. I was so used to the kids making one for me while they were in elementary school, I kept with the same concept. I have two pictures. One is the framed check of the first money I made writing. The second picture is of my granddog! The rest are various calendars--some are my husband's.On the wall behind me are bookcases holding some of my favorite books from long ago since now I only read ebooks--thank, God, or I would have no room at all.

  5. My workspace is mandated by an order from my (multiple) doctors to keep my legs elevated as much as I can. (I have to say it's made a huge difference, so I'm not inclined to argue with them.)

    I have a comfy recliner with electric controls that raise the footrest (I still need to have a big cushion on it to raise my feet enough.) It also has a lift feature. My son-in-law calls it my "ejector chair."

    For a work surface, I use the hospital bedside table we got for my husband when he was in hospice care. It's got wheels; it's adjustable; it's sturdy. I can pull it over to work, or push it out of the way if I don't want it.

    Everything is positioned at the edge of a bay window where I can look out of my patio and into the woods.