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KM Rockwood's "Stay Safe--Very Safe" appears in this year's 2020 BOULD anthology. Congratulations, KM!

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KM Rockwood's "Secrets To The Grave" has been published in the new SinC Chesapeake Chapter's new anthology Invitation To Murder, released by Wildside Press on 10/6.

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Is It Too Much to Ask? by Warren Bull


Image by Mike Arney on Unsplash


Jim Jackson said...

We might be heading in that direction with augmented e-books which can embed video links, etc. For now, we are stuck with our words and readers with their imaginations.

Margaret S. Hamilton said...

I'd like a drone shot of the area, circling closer and closer to the opening setting. Same shot at the end in reverse, pulling away.

Kait said...

Fascinating concept, and as Jim pointed out, one that might be in our near future. As for me, because I write in South Florida where the landscape tends to be rich and vibrant, shots of fauna and flora would be nice scene augments.

Susan said...

So even reading is now going to be inundated with the technical world? I am just shaking my head.

Kaye George said...

I'll be the devil's advocate here. Our job is to accomplish all of this with words. Writing cinematically, you pan out, take in the atmosphere and the surroundings, then zoom in onto the people. You set the tone with the types of words you use. Words have music and rhythm, if we're skilled enough to use them that way.

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