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WWK is proud of our four Agatha nominees. Kaye George for Best Short Story--not her first time to be nominated, Connie Berry and Grace Topping for Best First Mystery Novel (wish they weren't having to compete against each other), and Annette Dashofy for Best Contemporary Novel--her fifth nomination!

Congratulations to our writers for the following publications:

Look for Kaye George and Margaret S. Hamilton's short stories in the new Mid-Century Murder by Darkhouse Books. Kaye's story is "Life and Death on the Road" and Margaret's story is titled "4BR/3.5BA Contemporary."

Kaye George's first novel in the Vintage Sweets mystery series, Revenge is Sweet, will be released on March 10th. Look for the interview here on March 11.

Grace Topping's second novel in Laura Bishop staging series, Staging Wars, will be released by Henery Press on April 28th. Look for the interview here on April 29th.

Don't miss Shari Randall's "The Queen of Christmas" available on at Amazon. Shari's holiday story for WWK was too long so she published it for our enjoyment. It's available for 99 cents or on Kindle Unlimited for free!

KM Rockwood's "The Society" and "To Die A Free Man; the Story of Joseph Bowers" are included in the BOULD Awards Anthology, which was released on November 19. KM won second place with a cash prize for "The Society." Congratulations, KM! Kaye George's "Meeting on the Funicular" is also in this anthology, which can be bought for 99 cents on Kindle until November 30.

Paula Gail Benson's story "Wisest, Swiftest, Kindest" appears in Love in the Lowcountry an anthology by the Lowcountry Romance Writers available 11/5 in e-book and print format on Amazon. The anthology includes fourteen stories all based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Kaye George's "Grist for the Mill" was published in A Murder of Crows anthology, edited by Sandra Murphy on October 9th.

Shari Randall will be writing again for St. Martin's, perhaps under a pseudonym. We look forward to reading Shari's Ice Cream Shop Mystery series debuting next year. Congratulations, Shari!

Susan Van Kirk's A Death At Tippett Pond was released on June 15th. Read E. B. Davis's interview with Susan.

Warren Bull's Abraham Lincoln: Seldom Told Stories was released. It is available at: GoRead: https://www.goread.com/book/abraham-lincoln-seldom-told-stories or at Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/ydaklx8p


Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Good Night to Celebrate Mystery

by Julie Tollefson

As I write this, the sun slips below the horizon and a wild chorus of coyotes rises so close I squint into the dusk half believing I will see them gathered at the edge of the field. Whippoorwills trill somewhere to the south, and turkeys call in the woods to the north. A pair of barred owls swoops low overhead, and one settles in the ancient locust at my back.

I’m sipping a nice glass of wine, and a fire crackles in the metal-ringed pit at my feet. It’s a very good night.

It’s also Edgars night, the annual fancy dress-up party where Mystery Writers of America presents the Edgar Awards to recognize the best in mystery fiction and nonfiction. Some day, I will attend the Edgars in person, but tonight, I’m keeping an eye on the action via Twitter.

I have a special interest in the awards this year. My favorite bookstore, the Raven in Lawrence, Kansas, received the Raven Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in the mystery field outside the realm of creative writing. As if that’s not cool enough, local father-daughter writing team Bill James and Rachel McCarthy James were nominated in the best fact crime category for their book The Man From the Train: The Solving of a Century-Old Serial Killer Mystery, in which they applied modern research tools to the really, really cold case of a traveling axe murderer.

Beyond these local connections, I had the honor of serving as a judge in the best novel category. What an experience! As part of my duties, I read widely—cozies, thrillers, suspense, police procedurals, the whole spectrum of crime fiction—and I can say with absolute certainty that mystery writers produced many fine works last year.

As the moon plays peek-a-boo through light clouds and the barred owl calls its mate back to the old tree, I appreciate the technology that lets me experience the magic of Edgars night virtually. The real deal—trip to New York, little black dress, high heels, and all—is part of my writer’s bucket list, but tonight I’m content to toast the winners from afar in sweatshirt-and-slippers comfort.

My most sincere congratulations to all of the winners and nominees of this year’s Edgar Awards. You can find the complete list here.


Jim Jackson said...

Since I’m not much on crowds, and don’t really care for tuxedos and the like, I’d rather be sharing your fire and listening to the barred owls. But, I hope some day you cross the Edgars off your bucket list. I know lots of writers who have gone and enjoyed themselves.

Margaret S. Hamilton said...

Sounds like a great way to participate in the Edgars banquet. Onwards!

Warren Bull said...

Sounds like a delightful evening

Julie Tollefson said...

Jim - Most of the time, I prefer the fireside to the fancy parties, too. But I do hope to get to the Edgars some day, just to experience it in person. Until then, the owls and coyotes are terrific company on a beautiful spring night.

Julie Tollefson said...

Margaret and Warren - I could do with more lovely evenings by the fire. It's one of my favorite ways to relax.

Paula Gail Benson said...

Julie, several of us are gathered at Malice Domestic this weekend. I've heard from several folks how valued Edgar's readers are. Congratulations on this honor and thank you for your service.

Julie Tollefson said...

Paula - thank you for sharing that! Malice is ALSO on my writer's bucket list. I'm loving the photos and stories I see on social media this weekend.

KM Rockwood said...

I'm sure you got a good overview of the status of crime fiction today by serving as a judge for the Edgar's! That was a generous contribution of time and energy.

I've gone to Malice a few times (loved it!) and perhaps some day will make it to the Edgars ceremonies.

Julie Tollefson said...

KM - You are so right about that (overview of the status of crime fiction). And I learned a few things for my own writing along the way!