Thursday, August 3, 2017


Aunt Carol in the front

Last Sunday my father's family held the Hovanic reunion again at my cousin Benny Susko's home south of Akron, Ohio. He and his wife Bonnie and two other cousins, Valerie and Lisa made all the arrangements for our every other year reunion.
Just one counter out of three with food.

Because dad was one of eleven children in a Catholic family there were an incredible amount of people there. We all were given name tags when we signed in. There was my uncle Adrian the youngest and only one of the eleven children still alive with his wife Carol and most of their grown children and grandchildren. There were cousins who live locally and cousins from out of state and three of my siblings who live locally and Joanne, my sister-in-law, the wife of my brother who died a little over five years ago, and her daughters and their children.

My cousin Thelma, who was my maid of honor, with her husband, son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren came from Michigan Except for several funerals I had not seen her since the last reunion. We are close in age and spent a lot of time together as children although she lived in the city and I was a country girl. We spent a lot of time reminiscing about our childhood.

My cousins Laurie and Marianne

Although those putting on the reunion supplied the drinks, grilled hamburgers, brats and hotdogs, etc. everyone else brought something, too. There was enough food to have fed the close to 75 to 100 people for a week. So many incredibly delicious desserts. My sister Elaine mafe prune rolls, something our Aunt Catherine had made every Christmas when all her local siblings and their children came to her house Christmas night. She also made delicious nut rolls, too, but no one made those although I often do for Christmas as does my sister Suzanne.

I tried to talk to as many of y cousins as I could, but it was impossible with so many people. Some were sitting out on the large deck that went around two sides of Benny and Bonnie's house, and some were taking boat rides in a neighbor's boat down the canal to the lake beyond. I did get to talk briefly with some of my nieces and nephews, too. There were a lot of children running around. Those in charge of the reunion had furnished lots of coloring books and crayons for them, but I didn't see anyone using them.
My brother Phil and one of his daughter-in-laws

Gradually as the day wore on people slowly started leaving. My sister-in-law had driven my sister Elaine and I there. My sister Suzanne and brother Phil had both driven separately. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the tie I got home, but I felt so lucky to have had such a good time and the chance to catch up with some of my cousins and to visit with my Uncle Adrian and Aunt Carol even though they live close and I do stop in every so often to visit with the. I was happy to see their son who had been in a horrible accident four or five months ago looking great.

My sister Suzanne I blue next to cousin Thelma

I am also thankful to have such a large family even ones I don't know. Because my dad was the third in the family of eleven I am one of the oldest. His oldest sister had five children but the three oldest have all died. Thelma is five and a half years younger than I am and Benny even younger. I only hope Uncle Adrian keeps on living. He remembers so much about his growing up years and it's nice to listen to his stories even though I've heard them many times before.

Now I have to start planning the Jones family reunion for my mother's side for this month which is much smaller. Mom was one of four and the only one still alive is the youngest and he's in his nineties.

How large is your extended family?

Do you have reunions?


  1. I do have a fairly large extended family, on both sides, but we're not close. I have first cousins I have never met.

    One of my brothers invited everyone in the immediate family to his daughter's college graduation and arranged for a lovely resort stay. It was great to see those of my siblings who could come. There were nine of us, including one brother who died in infancy. Of the first four, I am the only one still alive.

    A cousin on my mother's side has decided to try to get that family together next summer. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

  2. We have an extended family but few reunions. I enjoy the reunions we do have.

  3. KM, I have so many cousins that I barely know, but it's fun getting together with them especially the ones closest in age to me that I've known longer. I am the oldest of six, but
    my brother who was closest in age to me died. I do hope a that cousin of your gets your mother's family together. There are very few left on my mother's side.

    Warren do you have few reunions because you're all spread out over the country? One cousin I didn't remember lived in Texas and only recently moved to a state closer to where he grew up and was able to come this year. I could tell he was really enjoying himself.

  4. I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day, Gloria. So often families get together because of funerals, so it's wonderful that you could share this time together for a happy occasion. We recently celebrated my mother's 90th birthday with all the family there and it was a wonderful experience.

  5. Gloria, how wonderful that you could join your family reunion!

    Getting Team Turkevich together from Cincinnati, Washington DC, New Orleans, and Houston is proving to be difficult. We saw some of the kids in NYC in May, and will see some of the kids for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  6. What a wonderful time, Gloria. My grandmother is one of eight children. That family holds a reunion every spring. The last time I attended, there were well over a hundred people. I do enjoy holidays with my cousins and their children and grandchildren. We've grown to a not insignificant number in recent years (purposely vague - I've lost track!).

  7. Grace, I know about getting together for funerals. It seems like the older I get the more funerals there are. How nice that your other lived to be 90. Both of my parents died in their 70s.

    Margaret, it must be hard having everyone spread out so far apart. Are they siblings or your children?

    Julie, I'm glad you have reunions so often. I have the Jones family reunion every summer, but there are not many of them. Because there are so any in the Hovanic family - as there are in yours - we're only happy that four people join together to have it in the one house that can hold that many people. It used to be at my Uncle Adrian and Aunt Carol's home, but it's too much for them now.