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Monday, October 11, 2021

Desk Set: Where Writers Who Kill Work

by Shari Randall

The other day I stumbled upon a photo essay of the desks of famous writers. Since I'm hopelessly distractible, I searched through them for hints for putting together a workspace that would boost my focus and productivity. What did I learn? That authors' desks are as individual as their owners -- and that Ray Bradbury must have had the most incredible ability to focus (just Google his desk).

I became curious about my writer pals' desks, so I asked the Writers Who Kill to share photos of their workspaces. We all have our own style that works for us, honed by years of trial and error and the limits of our real estate.

Korina Moss and I have opted for a comfortable, overstuffed, armchair/laptop combination:

While Jen Chow has opted for the classic dining room table as desk:

Some new studies have shown a correlation between cluttered desks and genius. Grace Topping and Susan Van Kirk are proof. 

If we had a prize for most adorable screensaver, Marilyn Levinson would win:

Want elegance? check out Margaret Hamilton's space:

As the blog's talented organizer, it's appropriate that E. B. Davis' workspace looks like a command center:

James M. Jackson and Tammy Euliano have found a room with a view to be helpful in the creative process:

Kait Carson adds a cat to her view:

Nancy Eady ups the comfort factor with a cozy throw, pillow, and canine companion:

Alas, Rosalie Spielman, who will be joining us in the new year, didn't clear her photo with her feline overlord.

Writers, share a photo of your desk in the comments. What do you think makes a good workspace? 

Shari Randall is the author of the Agatha Award winning Lobster Shack Mystery series and the new Ice Cream Shop Mystery series (written as Meri Allen). Her latest book is The Rocky Road to Ruin.


Jim Jackson said...

That was fun!

Shari Randall said...

Hi Jim, I don't know how you work with that window - I'd be on the lookout for wildlife all day.

Kelly Brakenhoff said...

I'd like to pull my desk up alongside Jim or Tammy's view! Sorry Grace, but your desk kind of gives me hives. I can't post my photo, bummer.

Margaret S. Hamilton said...

great photos! Shari, I can't post mine.

Korina Moss said...

This was fun to see! I say we storm Jim or Tammy's for a writing retreat! Luckily, Rose's cat has a couple of months still to approve the blog.

Kait said...

I'm with Kornia about scheduling our writing retreat at Jim or Tammy's. What fabulous views! I need to find my magnet - the one that reads a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind - it always made me feel better. I know it's here somewhere :)

Shari Randall said...

Margaret, I updated the blog and added your photo - hope your pic pops up!

Susan said...

Actually, even though my desk looks messy, this is its cleanest look. You should have seen it a few weeks ago when I was getting a book out.

Marilyn Levinson said...

Some of us are . . . messy when it comes to our work place. Those are my grandkiddies. They love to play with their baby blankets that I knitted for them.

Jennifer J. Chow said...

What a fun post! Thanks for coordinating, Shari!

E. B. Davis said...

Comfort without distractions--away from everyone!

KM Rockwood said...

"If an organized desktop is a sign of an organized mind, what is an empty desktop?"