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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Something Old, Something New

by Kaye George

Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

Nope not getting married, but I think I can make the wedding ditty fit my post today.

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Something Old
The conclusion of the cliffhanger, finally! My publisher said I can announce this:
Darkhouse Books will be publishing my Cressa Carraway Musical Mysteries series. The two books, so far, were orphaned when the previous publisher went out of business. They’ll be republished in new editions with new covers and new titles! AND I’ll finish the third in the series. I’m very excited about this!!

Something New
There’s another release I can tell you about, too. Darkhouse Books brought out an anthology October 9th that contains a story by me—A MURDEROF CROWS, with “Grist for the Mill,” a story about a grist of bees. The idea was that each story dealt with one of those odd animal groups names you keep hearing about. I’m extremely pumped that the editor, Sandra Murphy, gave me credit for the initiation of the idea for the book and spelled it out in the introduction. 

Something Borrowed
Here’s the first line of her intro to A MURDER OF CROWS:
“It’s all Kaye George’s fault.”

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Something Blue
That dang Daylight Savings Time change coming up. I really, really hate changing. The Fall Back is better than the Spring Forward, but not by much. By the end of that first week, the days feel forty hours long.

The pain is greatly mitigated this year because I will already be in a different time zone and will have fallen back an hour a few days before November third. I’m flying into DFW airport on Wednesday for Bouchercon, my FIRST ever Bouchercon! I’ll be joined by 1700 other convention goers. Yes, 1700! No wonder it has to go on for five days, 10/30-11/3.

I get to be on a panel Thursday morning, 9:30-10:30 (signing at 10:30-11:00) called How Do I Self-Publish? It’s a good thing I’ll be on that panel, because I don’t know how to do that anymore. My self-publishing was done with CreateSpace a few years ago, and that’s gone. I’ll keep my ears open and take notes! Our panel is led by Maggie Smith, with Bryan Cassiday, Ann Fields, Billy Kring, Alec Peche, and Susan Peters. I’ll be attending a lot of other events, too: meeting with members of the Short Mystery Fiction Society informally, breakfast with my old friend Sara Weiss, SinC breakfast (not the same day), awards presentations including Derringers and Bill Crider Awards, Librarian Tea, a bunch of panels, the banquet, the bar, and lunch Sunday with former co-workers from when I lived in Dallas. Then I’ll be off to Austin to stay with my son and daughter-in-law for a few days and see some friends from when I lived there.

So, I guess, not really THAT blue.

I hope your weekend is going great and that you weather the time change without too much angst.


Margaret S. Hamilton said...

congrats and safe travels, Kaye!

Kait said...

Congratulations, Kaye, what stellar news. I'll be looking forward to reading Cressa in her new home.

I hope you will be reporting on your trip to B'Con! Travel safely and have fun.

KM Rockwood said...


I just got finished changing all the clocks, & my daughter pointed out to me that I had changed them in the wrong direction, so they were now two hours off. Sigh. Back to the clocks.

Warren Bull said...


Kaye George said...

Margaret, Kait, KM, and Warren--thanks! I'm so happy not to be doing it all by myself. KM, I have a fear of that! I do have several that are automatic, so I can go by those.