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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Book, Book, Book, Book, Book

On Ground Hog's Day on Salad Bowl Saturday we welcome Marja McGraw.  She writes the Sandi Webster Mysteries and the Bogey Man Mysteries, and says that each of her mysteries contains “a little humor, a little romance and A Little Murder!”


Do I ever feel like I’m not paying enough attention to my family and friends? All the time. Sometimes I feel like the worst wife, mother and friend on the face of the earth. So what’s wrong with me? I’m a mystery writer – that’s what’s wrong with me.

We had a dog named Buddy who loved nothing more than playing catch. He’d chase that yellow tennis ball until he dropped if we’d let him. Ball was the Number One word on his Doggie Hit Parade list. My husband used to say if he could read Buddy’s mind he’d probably hear, “Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball. Where’s my ball? When is my person going to throw it? I know I’m in my throw it and I’ll chase it stance. When is he going to throw it? Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball.”

If I look up quickly, I see the same expression on my husband’s face that I used to see when he looked at Buddy. He believes if he could read my mind he’d hear, “Book, book, book, book, book”. He’d be right, too. It’s like a disease. I can’t stop thinking about the next scene, or how I could have written the last scene with more action, or what the next book will be about. I think about marketing and promoting. Is anyone going to buy my next book? Will they like it? Will anyone show up at my next author event? Will there be a next author event? In the middle of dinner I’ll have to jump up and run to the office to write myself a note. I wouldn’t want to forget an important thought, or even a particularly good word.

I’m an avid reader, too, which doesn’t help matters. I read everything I can get my hands on from books to the newspaper to blogs to cereal boxes. If I’m not reading, I’m people-watching, looking for mannerisms, comments, and anything else I can pick up from strangers, with some exceptions.

Thankfully, my husband is a patient and understanding man, even though I’m always making him listen to something I’ve written.

Of course, my daughter isn’t off the hook either. She listens to my ideas, whether she wants to or not. She lets me read my blogs to her and tells me if they’re, well, dumb. Believe me when I tell you, thanks to her there are a few that have never seen the light of day. This is a good thing. She even checks out my website when I update it to look for errors. And, bless her heart, she tells everyone about her mother, the author. She’s even given my books to friends as gifts. She’s patient and understanding, just like my husband.

My step-daughter, my sister, my aunt, my cousins, my sister-in-law and my friends aren’t safe either. I share thoughts and ideas and tell them the latest tidbit about what’s been going on. Either they’re very good actors or they’re patient, too.

This is all laughable because I’m an impatient woman. You want to see someone who’s looking for instant gratification? Look no farther than my picture.

I’m astonished none of these relatives and friends avoid me. I might be tempted if I were them.

I do have a good side though. I’m a good listener, even if my mind wanders from time to time. Advice is only as far away as the telephone if anyone wants it. Oh, yes, I’ve got more advice than anyone could possibly need. Every once in a while someone actually listens to me, to my delight. My intentions are good.

Is this how all authors think and act? I doubt it, but this is me – Marja McGraw, Mystery Writer. If you see me looking in your direction, you might want to be on your best behavior or you might wind up in a book.

Book, book, book, book, book.


Marja McGraw is originally from Southern California, where she worked in both criminal and civil law enforcement for several years. Relocating to Northern Nevada, she worked for the Nevada Department of Transportation.  Marja also lived in Oregon where she worked for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and owned her own business, a Tea Room/Antique store. After a brief stop in Wasilla, Alaska, she returned to Nevada. She’s also worked for a library and for a city building department.

Marja wrote a weekly column for a small newspaper in No. Nevada and she was the editor for the Sisters in Crime Internet Newsletter for a year and a half.

She currently resides in Arizona with her husband, where life is good.


Jim Jackson said...


Thanks for blogging with us today. Have you considered that maybe your family isn’t avoiding you because they are planning their own book—with a crazy novelist as a character?

Or maybe they’re thinking: they won’t believe this on Facebook, Facebook,, Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.

~ Jim

Marja said...

LOL Thanks for having me in today, Jim! I like the idea of a crazy novelist for a character. Hmmm. I'll have to think about that. Oh, wait! I have a new book coming out in about a week which involves an eccentric novelist. Maybe They Call Me Ace will fill the bill.

Patricia Gligor's Writers Forum said...

Once again, Marja, you've made me laugh! Mostly because I identify so closely with what you've written. No matter what I'm doing or who I'm with, story ideas, revisions and marketing are constantly on my mind. I guess that's "a blessing AND a curse."

Morgan Mandel said...

And, there's no cure for the addiction! I've got it too!

Morgan Mandel

E. B. Davis said...

Welcome to WWK, Marja--again. I interviewed you a few years ago when I read your first Bogey Man book and enjoyed it. I am opposite you. I rarely talk about my writing around the house. Instead I read and stare into space. I think my family may be afraid to ask what I'm thinking. They don't ask anymore since I wondered out loud if shooting ice pellets from an paint ball or air gun could kill someone. The evidence would evaporate. Never did get a definitive answer on that one.

Marja said...

Pat, I'm glad I could give you a laugh this morning. Don't feel bad because we can't help what we are and what we do. :)

Morgan, Who knew our addiction could be so wide spread? We sure have fun though, don't we?

E.B., Thank you for having me. Love the story about the ice pellets. I also understand your family being afraid to ask what you're thinking about. I think my family actually avoids me sometimes.

Palmaltas said...

This is obviously some kind of disease writers have--book, book, book, book! All I think about these days are which books to write next and which ones to read next.

Marja said...

Tricia, You've got lots of company. Have you noticed that sometimes there just isn't enough time to do it all? Maybe we need to come up with a name for this disease.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Marja, I love your confession and I'm afraid most true writers have this same disease.

Gloria Alden said...

Here's another one with the same disease, but I live alone now - not because of my writing, I might add. So I only occasionally talk about plots and ideas etc. when I get together with my sisters or sometimes I mention them to my grown kids.

Your Buddy makes me think of my Maggie, a large tri-color collie. Unfortunately, she has only me to pester to throw her stuffed animal toys for her to fetch.

Jake said...

ahi tuna, ahi tuna, ahi tuna flows to mind. Another delightful insight into your personality. Will try to remain on best behavior in your presence thus avoiding dreaded Aha moment of realizaton you took my annyoing traits public.

jrlindermuth said...

Oh, yes, I can relate to this. But you if to have priorities, don't you. I mean, how else is the book to get written?

john M. Daniel said...

Marja, I expect your friends and relations are delighted by your obsession with book...book...book. Keep it up!

Marja said...

Yes, Marilyn, it is a common disease, and one I'm happy to share with people like you. :)

Gloria, Another kindred spirit. We lot Buddy about three years ago, and now we have two Yellow Labs with totally different personalities, but just as lovable.

Jake, You have no annoying habit, other than the scent of Ahi Tuna on your breath. : )

John L., I'm afraid I lost track of priorities some time ago.

And John D., sometimes they're delighted. Other times? Not so much.

Thank you all for commenting!

J. L. Greger said...

Your blog reminds me of the intro each week to the TV show Castle. Only he's supposedly becoming rich from his writing.
JL Greger

Marja said...

J.L. Greger is a wonderful author name. Just thought I'd mention it. I love Castle, but never paid that much attention to the beginning. Now I'll study it. :) Too bad we're not getting rich - yet.