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Friday, August 3, 2012

Minnesota Blog

Minnesota Blog

I recently vacationed in Two Harbors, MN with my wife, my sister and her family.
In Duluth at Nokomis restaurant, we met and spoke with Walter Mondale who was on a fishing trip with his friends. He was gracious and friendly.  He looked and sounded great.

The woman running the Chamber of Commerce visitors’ office in Two Harbors described the weather there as “beastly hot.”  It was 80 degrees there and over 100 degrees that day in our hometown, Kansas City.

Among the sights we saw was a mother duck teaching her six offspring to dive under the water.  Five did well, but one duckling just a little apart from the rest bobbed under and popped back up again like a cork.  Mom never caught on.

One of the motels had a sign offering color cable television.  We did not stop to ask about the color of the cable.

Although I already knew about butter heads and pronto pups, I learned about other cultural experiences available at the MN State Fair.  I found out you can order cold chocolate-covered thick-sliced bacon, sweet corn ice cream with bacon/butter sauce and deep-fried dill pickle chips.  If that makes you thirsty, you can amble over to the all-the-milk-you-can-drink dairy bar. 

Luckily for my cholesterol count, the fair was not operating while we were there.  What vacation memories would you like to share?


Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

Good one, Warren! Not so sure about that choco-covered bacon. But the corn ice cream sounds good! bobbi c.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Lots of fun, Warren! I think I'll skip the chocolate-covered bacon and the corn ice cream, though.

We're not doing a vacation this year since we did so much traveling during my book tour when EVERY LAST SECRET came out in late April. And of course, we were gone during all those great days Kansas City had and came back just in time for the unremitting heat wave and drought. I think next year, we need to plan to be in Minnesota or Alaska at this time of year!

Warren Bull said...

Bobbi C, I'd love to try it.

Warren Bull said...

Linda, Alaska in awesome.

Gloria Alden said...

I haven't been to Minnesota yet, but it's one of the states on my list to see. I'd like to go when Garrison Keiller is in residence and doing his show in St. Paul, but that would be hard to judge since he's on the road so much or staying in NYC. I have been to see him three times here.

Of course, since we do a lot of camping when we travel, it would have to be later in the summer after black fly season.

None of the food you mentioned appeals to me at all. Yuck.

E. B. Davis said...

Eighty degrees sounds like heaven, Warren. If it's in the nineties in DC, I want to be at the beach, which I just returned from to my dismay. My fellow bloggers know one of my vacation experiences, which I'll blog about on 8/20. It was a "not for the faint of heart" experience. Thanks for the photos--I love tug boats (probably because of Scuffy).

Warren Bull said...


I haven't tired the foods myself but I loved a play I saw at the Guthrie Theatre.

Warren Bull said...

EB, "Beastly hot" is a matter of interpretation.

Morgan Mandel said...

Sounds like you had a fun time!
Ducks are cute, but geese are a real pain. Hard to clean up after them!

Morgan Mandel

Warren Bull said...


Geese are territorial and aggressive too.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share........