Monday, August 29, 2022


We have been preparing to install rails onto our front steps. (I use “we” in the royal sense, since Mark will be doing most of the work while I merely bring various tools to him). In preparation, we have watched at least thirty YouTube videos on how to install outside stair rails. All of which were very helpful until we discovered Saturday morning that not one of the thirty odd videos had adequately discussed the right hammer drill bit for drilling holes in brick. The one recommended by the hardware store Friday night drilled one hole, then was too dull to use. So were the subsequent two drill bits we tried.


Which was how instead of finishing our stair rails, we ended up at the Pell City Animal Control Shelter looking for a dog to adopt. Our beautiful Darwin died a few weeks ago at the ripe age of 15, and our remaining dog, Daisy, a 40 pound border collie/Jack Russell terrier mix, needed a companion. Daisy is a wonderful dog, but brave she is not. One dog she met at the Shelter was young and friendly, but rambunctious and scared her to death. The shelter workers watched that meeting, then brought out another dog named Penelope. Penelope is so gentle that not even Daisy could be afraid of her, so that’s who we brought home.  She is brown and white and Daisy is black and white, so now no matter what we wear, any dog hair our clothes pick up will show quite well.  



Sitting in the car between the two dogs on the way home, watching both tails happily waving and spreading copious amounts of dog hair all over my seats, I realized that some of the best things in life can’t be improved by technology. 

Daisy and Penelope Playing


  1. Nancy, it is vitally important to choose pets so their hairs can be visible on any article of clothing you or guests might possible wear. Also must show up well on the back seat of your car.

    Enjoy your new friend.

  2. Awww! Who’s a good dog lover? You are! You are! Thanks for a great lift this morning.

  3. Welcome Penelope! What a great story. Pet hair? You really mean the continuously shedding couch upholstery, don't you?

  4. Getting a new fur baby is so much more important that putting up stair rails. Enjoy her!

  5. Oh, Nancy, condolences on your loss. Our fur friends are with us for much too short a time.

    Congratulations (to your family, Daisy, and Penelope) on your decision to adopt. It sounds like a great match. Those pups look radient.