Sunday, August 14, 2022

Cheesy Anagram!

by Rosalie Spielman

I’m standing in for Korina Moss today and trying my hand at a title anagram for her book, Cheddar Off Dead! If you haven’t read it yet, hurry up! Not only is it a great book, but also, the next adventure for Willa Bauer and her friends, Gone for Gouda, will be released on 27 September.


C--Cheesemonger Willa Bauer, proprietress of Curds and Whey, a French-inspired cheese shop.

H--Haughty reviewer for All Things Sonoma, Guy Lippinger, found murdered.

E—Everyone disliked him. Well, almost everyone…

D--Detective Heath is on the case—but can she trust him?

D--Damning evidence of Willa Bauer’s cheese knife sticking out of Guy.

A--Archie and Mrs. Schultz, loyal employees and friends.

R--Roman, Meadery owner, talking about chemistry...does he mean food chemistry?


O--Our heroine feels she must investigate to save her shop, and her reputation.

F--Flamboyant betafish Loretta keeps her company.

F--Friend and neighbor, Baz, has her back. And her deck, and her stairs.


D--Downtown Yarrow Glen in the Sonoma Valley of California, is being revitalized.

E—Everyone’s a suspect.

A--Aristaeus, Greek god of cheesemaking—and of wine.

D--Dare you to read eat it without eating cheese!



Yarrow Glen’s newest cheese shop, Curds & Whey, has a lot on its plate, but cheesemonger Willa Bauer relishes a challenge. There’s a float to build for the fall festival, plus the French-inspired cheese shop is playing host to celebrity vegan chef Phoebe Winston. But when photos surface that prove this vegan influencer is, in fact, a carnivore, things crumble faster than any cheese on the market: Phoebe is murdered. Willa’s employee, the affable Archie, was the last one to see Phoebe alive and the first person the police suspect. To clear his name Willa must uncover who’s been up to no gouda...