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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Books and Reading by Marilyn Levinson

An hour ago, I downloaded a book that's on sale and sent it to my Kindle. It was a psychological suspense novel, the genre I'm into these days. Nothing unusual for me to acquire another book since I read and listen to several at a time. The question I ask myself is will I get to the hundreds of books on my Kindle, the few hundred on my bookshelves, and the ones I keep downloading via Libby and other sites? So many books. So little time!

A few years ago, I was discussing this problem with a fellow book lover and author. She had just provided me with several new titles I had never heard of but knew I would enjoy.                                                "How will I ever manage to read all the books I want to," I complained.                                                  "Did you ever think you would?" was Johanna's reply.

Undaunted, I try to make a dent in the number of books waiting for me patiently to pay them the attention they deserve. Some books, like the ones I read for my book club and those I'm asked to blurb, sneak ahead on the To Be Read list. That list grows constantly as new books are published and I try to read more books that friends have written.  Still, it's a nice feeling to have several choices available when I'm about to start a new book. I simply scan my Kindle titles or the ones on my bookshelves and I'm off on a new reading adventure.


Jim Jackson said...

I never want for something to read as my Kindle and bookshelves are loaded with TBR offerings. I used to joke that I couldn't die until I had finished all the books I had. Now, I hope I won't die until I have written all the books I want to write!

KM Rockwood said...

I love that my Kindle can provide so many choices instantly available! I see it as a pleasure, not a stressor.

My favorite psychological suspense author is the late Margaret Yorke (passed away in 2012.) I wish I could write like she does!

Marilyn Levinson said...

Jim, I love having all those possibilities before me on my Kindle. And I know what you mean about wanting to get in all those books you plan to write.

Kathleen, I've been enjoying books by Lisa Jewell, among others. I'll have to check out Margaret Yorke. (More for the TBR list.)

Molly MacRae said...

I flounder under the sea of unread books in my life. Then I come up for air, rub my hands in anticipation, and dive back in. Books and reading bring porpoise to life. (Too much coffee, too little sleep.)

Kait said...

Earlier this summer, I read a blog that mentioned a book I thought sounded interesting, and it was on sale for $1.99. When I clicked to Amazon, I discovered I already owned the book, and had, for several years. Oops.

That revelation led me to go through my Kindle lists and sort out all my unread books from oldest to newest. Now I vary my reading by latest bought followed by an oldest unread. Will I ever get the two lists to meet in the middle? Doubtful, but I'm finding some great books I might have missed and having a good time doing it!

Marilyn Levinson said...

Molly, Love your fishy references.:)

Kait, Same for me. In fact, I discovered books by a new favorite author right there in my Kindle!

Shari Randall said...

It's hard to resist when I see a book I want to read on sale for Kindle! My book club tends to pick books that aren't on sale, so I usually have to borrow from friends or buy - supporting the local bookstore makes it a pleasure not a pain. But I love it when I have a free evening and can pick something from my Kindle chocolate box.

Marilyn Levinson said...

Shari, what a good description of your Kindle selection: a chocolate box. What flavor of ice cream would you say??