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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


WWK goes to Malice! And, we all had a terrific time. Here are a few memories we wanted to share.

Gloria Alden

I enjoyed meeting new people and seeing those I've met before at other Malice Domestic conferences. Particularly, I liked the banquet with the speakers and the awards. Everyone was so friendly, nice, and helpful. I enjoyed the walk my friend Irma and I went on one of the nice days. I was happy to get eight books in the bag we were given, and was glad we had name tags to remember folks. Everyone seemed to be laughing and smiling, even those who weren't with Malice Domestic, but a medical group, also meeting. I thought all of the meals were very good. And, I liked the comfortable and clean rooms we had with very comfortable beds.

Paula Gail Benson

PGB, Gloria Alden, and Shari Randall
The best way to describe this year’s Malice Domestic was “a mad scramble!” WWK was terrifically represented by Annette Dashofy, nominated for Best Contemporary Novel; Shari Randall, nominated for Best First Novel; Grace Topping, recognized at the New Author Breakfast for her first novel; and Debra H. Goldstein, who not only promoted her new series, but celebrated signings with stories in the Guppy Anthology and the Malice Anthology.

Gloria Alden and I caught up with each other in the hall. Marilyn Levinson and I also stood at one of the hallway’s tall tables to talk. I got a hug from Debra Goldstein and Kaye George as I was waiting to hear Annette Dashofy’s panel. The New Authors’ Breakfast, where we watched Grace Topping speak, gave me another opportunity to spend time with Annette.

Some of the happiest moments from the banquet were the tie-winners in two categories! Shari Randall and Dianne Freeman took home teapots for Best First Novel while Tara Laskowski and Leslie Budewitz tied for Best Short Story. I was sitting at the table with husband and wife short story nominees, Art Taylor and Tara Laskowski. They were wonderful hosts. Both were delighted when Tara’s name was called.

I see that K.M. Rockwood is in some of our group photos, but I missed seeing her in person. Kathleen, we’ve got to plan a time to get together next year!

Annette Dashofy
Annette Dashofy

This was my seventh trip to Malice Domestic and my fourth as an Agatha nominee. There’s definitely something Cinderella-ish about wearing that little green ribbon on my name badge. Seeing my books in the Dealer Room is quite a kick too. But the best part by far is seeing all my friends, be they writers or readers, whom I only see once a year! We’ve become family. A murderous one, perhaps, and family of the heart rather than blood, but Malice is one family reunion I look forward to every year.

Debra H. Goldstein

Malice was a wonderful insane time. Between eating, networking, eating, and networking, I squeezed in three signings – two tied to the launch at Malice of two short stories: “Pig Lickin’ Good” in MURDER MOST EDIBLE (the Malice anthology) and “Nova, Capers, and a Schmear of Cream Cheese” in FISHY BUSINESS (the Fifth Guppy anthology) and one tied to my Foody Panel.  Add in get-to-gethers for SinC national, SinC Guppies, SEMWA and with my agent and other authors she represents, I barely found time to attend a few panels, have drinks with very special friends, be part of the Malice-Go-Round, and take my “whenever we are together picture” with Dru Ann Love. I was supposed to be back in Alabama for something on Sunday, but instead of being home by 9:30 a.m., I was stranded in DCA for over twelve hours .. got home at 9:30 p.m.
Standing: Annette Dashofy, Grace Topping, and Marilyn Levinson
Seated: Debra H. Goldstein and K.M. Rockwood
Marilyn Levinson

I had a wonderful time at Malice. I finally got to do Malice-Go-Round. It was especially nice to hear, as I went from table to table, that so many had enjoyed reading DEATH OVERDUE, which was an Agatha nominee for Best Contemporary Novel last year. I got to spend time with dear friends I only get to see at Malice, had drinks with Matt, my Crooked Lane Books publisher, then went out for dinner with my fellow CLB authors. I also got to spend time with my agent, Dawn Dowdle and fellow agency authors. Such a warm feeling pervaded this year’s Malice. I enjoyed taking part in my panel and observing other panels, and made a new friend at the banquet. I was thrilled when my table host Shari Randall won an Agatha Award for Best First Novel and my fellow CLB writer Ellen Byron won Best Contemporary Novel. Sunday morning I woke up early to make the 7 a.m. New Authors’ Breakfast to support my friend, Grace Topping. My only glitch was that my Super Shuttle driver came much earlier than he was supposed to. When I called, I was told they weren’t sending another driver. As a result, I had my first Uber ride to the airport.

Shari Randall

What a weekend! I am still floating!

It’s always a joy to see friends at Malice and it’s extra special to see blogmates from WWK. A scheduling conflict meant that I missed our blog photo op, so I’m hoping to have myself Photoshopped into the picture at some point. I did get this nice shot with Paula Benson and Gloria Alden, and many of us are in the Guppy photo that followed the Sisters in Crime Breakfast. I want to go on record as one of those voting for a change from breakfast to cocktail party for this gathering of writers.

Shari Randall
I didn’t think anything could top CURSES, BOILED AGAIN being nominated for an Agatha Award, but actually winning the award had - and has - me completely gobsmacked. In a Malice stunner, I tied with Dianne Freeman for the award. Even more surprising, our category wasn’t the only one with a tie. Leslie Budewitz and Tara Laskowski tied for Best Short Story.

I nabbed the last seat at Grace Topping’s table at the New Authors Breakfast where she introduced us to her new book, STAGING IS MURDER. Hearty applause followed her interview - she was calm and professional before 8:30 am - quite a feat.

I was busy with the SinC board, stuffing book bags, signing, and a panel, but I managed to chat with Debra Goldstein, Marilyn Levinson, Annette Dashofy, and Gloria Alden and her friend Irma Baker several times through the conference, and was able to have lunch with Paula Benson and share an Uber with her, Leslie Budewitz, and Linda Landrigan to the airport. I also spotted Annette Dashofy at the gala banquet but didn’t get to talk to her, but let me tell you, she looked amazing. I hope she shares a photo!

Grace Topping

I attended Malice Domestic for the first time about twenty years ago, accompanying a friend who told me about it. Other than my friend, I didn’t know anyone there. Over the next several years, I continued to attend Malice and met people I now call friends. Attending Malice has become like a family reunion.

This year’s Malice was extra special—I made my debut as a published author there. My first book, STAGING IS MURDER, was released three days before the conference. It was a thrilling experience to be on my first panel, sign books, and be introduced at the New Authors’ Breakfast. Celebrating my book launch at Malice, among the people who helped and encouraged me along the way, is something I will always remember.

Grace Topping interviewed by Cindy Silberblatt


Margaret S. Hamilton said...

Good wrap-up.

E. B. Davis said...

One of these years, I will return to Malice. Glad you all had such a good time!

Paula Gail Benson said...

Thank you, Margaret. E.B., I hope you do. I miss seeing you at Malice.

KM Rockwood said...

I was only at Malice for a few hours (I need to find someone who can stay with my husband, who is not well) but I enjoyed it. It's always great to see so many people who I seldom see elsewhere.

Grace Topping said...

Thank you, Paula, for putting this together. As always, it was a pleasure seeing you at Malice. I’m already looking forward to next year ‘s conference.

Art Taylor said...

Great seeing y'all at Malice--love these memories!