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Sunday, June 24, 2018

On the Road to the Four Corners

When I was a kid, travel was a rare luxury. Farmers can’t just check their horses and chickens into a kennel. Finding people to cow sit is a challenge. Plus, my mom took care of her mother and then her father over many years. Getting away wasn’t really an option. As an adult, I still had horses and cats. Then it was my turn to take care of my parents. I could count on one hand the number of honest-to-goodness vacation trips I took prior to 2013.

That’s when Hubby and I went on what I expected to be a once-in-a-lifetime dream trip to the Wild West.
(Here I am on horseback in the Garden of the Gods during my first trip out west in 2013) 

Not long afterward, I signed my first book contract and suddenly I had a really good excuse to attend conferences. I’ve been to Raleigh, Bethesda, New Orleans, Nashville, Green Bay, and Long Beach as well as five more “once-in-a-lifetime” trips out West.

I’ve discovered I love to travel! Yes, the airlines often leave much to be desired, but I’ll tolerate the discomfort and hassles in order to go someplace fun.

Earlier this month, I made my now-annual pilgrimage to New Mexico. It’s become my second home. My best friend lives in Aztec and provides me with my own bedroom, bathroom, and office in which to write. If you’ve read No Way Home, you now understand why I chose that setting. Research! AKA Tax Write-Off.

This trip was a nice mix of vacation and work. I’m an early riser anyway, and combined with the time difference, I woke up well before my hostess and quietly slipped into “my office” to pound out pages on the next book. In the afternoons, while sitting in the air-conditioned comfort of her living room, my friend (and co-conspirator…I mean co-writer) and I outlined a new short story set out there.

That’s not to say we were all work and no play. We took a little road trip to the Four Corners Monument.

(My best friend Leta Burns at the 4 Corners Monument)

Prior to this trip, I’d only set foot in Arizona to change planes in Phoenix. And I’d never been in Utah. I’m not sure walking around the monument truly counts, but I’m going with it. Four states in one little stroll.

We also stopped at a number of pawn shops and trading posts along the way. It truly is a different world out there on the Navajo Rez.

Another stop we make every year is the town of Durango, Colorado where we have lunch at the Diamond Belle in the haunted Strater Hotel. 

I’ve not seen any ghosts but the atmosphere—and the food—is amazing.

You may have heard of Durango. It’s been in the news lately due to the wildfire north of the town. I’ve been out there during fire season numerous times, but this was the first time we witnessed the smoke on this level. My heart goes out to the people and business affected by the “416” (and other) wildfires.
(That's smoke, not clouds, in the distance)

Getting back to the food. Green chiles are my favorite. I have yet to find a good chile relleno here in the east. REAL ones are made with green chiles (not poblanos), a pepper grown mostly in Hatch, New Mexico. My first stop after getting off the plane is Rubia’s for rellenos. 

It’s also one of my last stops before heading home.

I’m back home on the farm in Pennsylvania now and am already dreaming of my next trip. Alas, I’m homebound for the next few months. It’s not the chickens, horses, and cows keeping me tied down anymore. Now, it’s my next book deadline.

So, are you an eager traveler or a homebody?  


KM Rockwood said...

What fun!

I love to travel.

Over the years, my daughter listened to the places I've said I'd like to go and actually remembered them. Every few years, she plans a trip for us to one of those places. We've gone on safari to Tanzania, cruised down the Yangtze River, gone from London to Paris under the English Channel on the Star Train, ridden a dog sled on an Alaskan glacier, to name a few.

It's such a big world, with so much to do and see!

Annette said...

I have yet to make it out of the U.S., KM. There are still so many places here that I want to see. I try to visit at least one state that I've not been to before each year.

Jim Jackson said...

As readers of our blog know, Jan and I have been doing a lot of traveling the past few years after the last of our animals passed away. I do love being home (and this summer the only trip we plan to take is to my 50th high school reunion), but there are still a gazillion places I’d like to visit.

I have visited all 50 states and all of the Canadian Providences. I do have the Canadian Territories still on my list.

Annette said...

Jim, I have several more trips planned for this fall with the launch of my next book, but all are to states I've already visited. My walk around the Four Corners Monument barely added Utah to my map of places I've been, but I'm counting it! I'm really eager to go to Wyoming and Montana. And the Northeast. And the Northwest. Yes, a gazillion places at the very least!

Liz Milliron said...

I like being in another place. Not that fond of the getting there and getting home.

But after a nice trip, it's nice to come back to the comfort of my own bed.


Karen in Ohio said...
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Margaret S. Hamilton said...

I'm always up for a trip, especially if gardens are involved.

This summer, we're indulging in the Cincinnati Opera season and FCCincinnati soccer.

Annette said...

Mary, I agree about the getting there and getting home part most of the time. But some trips, usually road trips, I try to be very Buddhist about it: It's not about the journey. It's about the destination.

Margaret, sounds like a nice way to spend the summer!

Warren Bull said...

Next time in the four corners check out Mesa Verde National Park.

Kait said...

Gorgeous pix, Annette,

I'm a traveler - car, train, plane, horse, boat, I'm gone. Thank you for a glimpse of high desert--so different to what I expected, yet perfectly described in NO WAY HOME.

Annette said...

It's on my list, Warren! Thanks!

Kait, thanks so much! As a writer, you know how hard it is to write description without being boring. I appreciate your kind words.

Gloria Alden said...

Annette, it sounds like a wonderful vacation. As for me, my family went on a camping trip at least once a summer. Later after I got married my husband and I went on camping trips, too, sometimes with my parents and brother and sisters. We traveled over much of the eastern part of the United States, New England, and Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and once as far west as upper Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, and Canada several times, too. My sisters and I are still going on camping trips mostly to Pennsylvania. When I go to visit my California daughter we always go camping, too. So far this year the only place I went was to Malice Domestic in Bethesda, but in August, I'll be heading to California for another camping trip.

In addition to cam;ping trips, I've been to Great Britain twice, and years ago on a Holy Trip to Italy, Israel, and Greece. When I retired, my daughter arranged a trip for us to go to Venice where we also took a train to another town, too. Several years later my daughter Mary and I went to Madrid Spain. We stayed in old Madrid the whole time and enjoyed walking the streets and seeing the sights.

The next overseas trip I want to take will be to England again to visit my Guppy critique partner. There are three of us in our critique group and the other one lives in Cincinnati. I've met her twice now.

Shari Randall said...

Annette, what a great trip - and I love your photos! I'm dying to stand at the Four Corners. I still have a few states to knock off my US list (New Mexico and Colorado included). I just returned from New Orleans - what a city! I'm already dying to go back. I love traveling and dream of taking a motor home across the country and Canada.

Annette said...

Gloria, how wonderful! I'm envious.

Shari, I loved New Orleans. What a fascinating (and somewhat bizarre!) city! I'd go back for the beignets alone!