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Eight Crime Writing Authors and a Giveaway


Have you heard of the Behind The Crime Tape Facebook group? We are eight crime authors who have banded together in a Facebook group to share stories about what happens behind the crime tape.* To start the blog in the best possible way we are having a hop--a Facebook Hop--on February 23rd that will continue into  this evening. No poodle skirt required. Every author is participating with a giveaway on their page, and there'll be a grand prize offered on the Behind the Crime Tape page. It doesn't get much better than this if you are a fan of crime fiction! A bit about the authors—and the giveaway follows--pictures included.

 *Is there a name for a group of crime writers? A murder of authors? A cabal of crime writers? Oh, how about a plot! That's it, a plot! A plot of crime writers. Perfect.


James M. Jackson authors the Seamus McCree series. Full of mystery and suspense, these thrillers explore financial crimes, family relationships, and what happens when they mix. Jim will award one Cabin Fever eBook to each of five winners randomly drawn. There will be one entry for commenting on Jim’s Author Facebook page, a bonus entry if entrant follows Jim’s Author Facebook page, and a bonus entry if the entrant also follows the Behind the Crime Tape Facebook page. Winners will be contacted by Facebook PM.


He wanted rest and relaxation. What he got was a mystery woman suffering from hypothermia, frostbite, high fevers, amnesia—and rope burns on her wrists and ankles.

USA Today Bestseller Annette Dashofy, author of the Agatha Nominated Helpless, will be giving away digital copies of her latest release, Keep Your Family Close.


When a badly decomposed body is found in the basement of an abandoned warehouse, Erie police detective, Matthias Honeywell, is called in to investigate.

Meanwhile, freelance photographer Emma Anderson is desperately trying to find her drug-addicted sister, Nell. Then a devastating piece of evidence found at Detective Honeywell’s crime scene brings her world crashing down, a driver’s license belonging to her missing sister.

National award-winning writer Penny Goetjen is the author of six published mystery and suspense novels where the settings play as prominent a role as the engaging characters. A self-proclaimed eccentric known for writing late into the night by the allure of flickering candlelight, she often weaves a subtle, unexpected paranormal twist into her stories. When her husband is asked how he feels about his wife doing in innocent people with the written word, he answers with a wink, “I sleep with one eye open.”


In the seven years since Victoria’s husband disappeared, no witnesses have stepped forward and no credible evidence has been collected—not even his car. He simply vanished from behind the stone walls of a private boarding school where he taught—the same school their son now attends. But someone has to know what happened. And that someone may be closer to Victoria than she realizes.

Adventure guide E. Chris Ambrose writes knowledge-inspired adventure fiction, like the Bone Guard archaeological thrillers and the Rogue Adventure novels. In service to her work, Chris learned to hunt with a falcon, pull traction on a broken limb, and clear a room of possible assailants.


In The Mongol's Coffin (Bone Guard, book 1) a former special operations intelligence team races the Chinese army to locate the legendary lost tomb of Genghis Khan.


Author L.C. Hayden is the award-winning creator of the best-selling Harry Bronson Thriller Series and the Aimee Brent Mystery Series. She has also penned a non-fiction series about miracles and angels. Her other works include children's picture books, an inspirational book, a guide to writing, and several other genres. L.C. Hayden will be giving away Where Danger Follows, the seventh book in the Harry Bronson series.


Ten of Ceruti’s coveted 1870s violins are making their way into the United States where they’ll be sold underground. Bronson must find a way to stop this, but dangerous mob leaders are one step ahead of him. To complicate matters, Becky, his fourteen-year-old grandniece, goes missing.

 Bronson’s search for Becky and his efforts to stop the shipment draws him into a world filled with gangs and dangerous criminals. Everywhere he and ex-partner Mike go spirals them into danger. Can Bronson and Mike find the answers and help Becky before it’s too late? Or have they reached the point of no return When Danger Follows?

Kait Carson writes stories set in the steamy tropical heat of Florida. She lives with her husband, four rescue cats and a flock of conures in the Crown of Maine. Kait will give away a Kindle e-book copy of Death Dive, the latest in the Hayden Kent Mystery series. Alas, U.S. only.


Hayden Kent has more riding on the answer to the mystery than curiosity. She believes the diver faked his death. As a paralegal and newly minted claims investigator, it’s her job to decide if her company pays out the thirty-million-dollar policy. 

 When her trip to Belize uncovers evidence of fraud, she returns to her beloved Florida Keys and digs deeper into the dead man’s affairs. Her boss’s advice to follow the money sends her to the Cayman Islands where privacy is king, and secrets can be deadly. Hayden’s inquiries put her in the cross-hairs of a killer who will stop at nothing to claim the thirty million. Can she prove the dead man lives before she ends up as shark bait?

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