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Friday, May 10, 2019

Lost and Found by Warren Bull

Lost and Found by Warren Bull

I’ve been a writer long enough that I have weathered quite a number of writing disasters like missing a submission deadline, discovering my computer ate the entire finished draft of my work, and removing a section of a story for revision, revising it, but neglecting to paste the revision back in place when I submitted the piece.
Recently, I experienced a brand new calamity. The publisher of my latest book Abraham Lincoln: Seldom Told Stories, went out of business.
This was my first nonfiction book.  The process was different. I learned about setting up a platform, getting involved in online history and nonfiction groups and setting up a Facebook page. At the publisher’s suggestion, I had a number of books printed before putting it up for sale. When I was ready to start the selling part, the publisher disappeared.
I got emails saying, “Sorry” and “Don’t bother to write. I’m outta’ here.” The book was already listed for sale in a couple of places but the publisher was also acting as the distributor so, although the book was listed, it was not available.
I’ve been scrambling ever since. Physical copies were sent to a distributor. I contacted him. He advised me that I could become a seller through Amazon and he could fulfill orders. I could have had the books shipped to me and gone into the distribution business, but I have no desire to that. 
My skill at following directions sent by machines and developed by people who never knew the pre-computer world are minimal to say the least. After back and forth with someone at Amazon who took pity on me and did more of the steps than I did, I finished the application. I proved that I am who I claim to be. I finally have a link for the book.
I am lost in the swamp with another online site that routinely sends me useless information I already have about how to get my book link up on their platform.  One major achievement was to get the wrong listing removed. When and if I can get the new listing up on the quagmire website is totally unknown. So far I have not been able to locate any human beings on that site. My theory is the humans set it up and then left. 
If you know anyone who would like to buy Abraham Lincoln: Seldom
Told Stories, it is now finally available at:


carla said...

That happened to me with my second novel. You are lucky--I had to have a lawyer and BUY BACK my rights to my own work! My royalties went to the publishers other creditors. WHAT a pain it was.

Margaret S. Hamilton said...

Warren and Carla, I'm stunned to read this. Warren, I look forward to reading your book.

Warren Bull said...

Carla, Ouch!

Warren Bull said...

Margaret, Thanks

KM Rockwood said...

How distressing! I'm glad I bought my copy when it first came out. I hope you can resolve this favorably. But I bet your nerves will never recover.

Susan Oleksiw said...

Warren, what an awful experience. It sounds like you've done everything you can, so congratulations on your book and establishing it yourself.