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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Blog by Kate M. George

I interviewed Kate M. George, 2009 Daphne Du Maurier Award winner for her novel Moonlighting in Vermont, on September 29, 2010. Her main character, Bree MacGowen, like Kate, lives in a small Vermont town. Mainly Murder Press releases her next novel in the series, California Schemin’, this month. Please welcome Kate back to WWK.           E. B. Davis

A Not So Alien Interview

I'm continuing my series of interviews of and by the varied cast of characters from the Bree MacGowan Mysteries. In the first book, Moonlighting in Vermont Bree discovers her boss dead and becomes a suspect. In the second book, California Schemin' Bree accidentally gets embroiled in another murder while on vacation in California. The irony is that she went to California to recover from the first murder. Today FBI Agent Madison Truefellow alleged alien life form, interviews Marshall "Moose" Moore an agent from one of the covert agencies working under the radar. He won't say which one because, and I quote, "Then I'd have to silence you forever." But he also assured me he wasn't a killer so who knows what that means.

Let me just say that by no means are we certain that Madison is actually an alien. Those of you hoping for a paranormal twist are likely to be disappointed in her. While it’s possible that she really is an alien, I think it’s more likely part of her subterfuge. Take it away Agent Truefellow.

Agent Truefellow: Agent Moore, I've heard you are very tight with Richard Hambecker. When did the two of you first meet?

Agent Moore: There's high level misinformation circulating about me. Anything you heard is likely a lie.

Agent Truefellow: But I've seen you with Richard and I know you worked with him on the Wallace case. So when did you two meet? Is it true you went through high school and into the Army Rangers with him? Or was that the Navy Seals?

Agent Moore: I can neither confirm nor deny that I attended high school.

Agent Truefellow: Moose, why did you agree to this interview if you aren't going to answer the questions?

Agent Moore: You haven't asked me any questions I'm free to answer. There are certain matters of national security that I'm not at liberty to discuss.

Agent Truefellow: Your relationship with Richard Hambecker is a matter of national security? I find that hard to believe.

Agent Moore: Nevertheless, I am under strict instructions not to discuss Richard Hambecker.

Agent Truefellow: Who instructed you not to discuss Agent Hambecker? Oh wait. It was Richard, wasn't it?

Agent Moore: I'm not at liberty -

Agent Truefellow: Oh stop it! You're just being difficult. What harm would it do to say how long you've known him?

Agent Moore: It's imperative to national security that Hammie's, er Hambecker's past remain cloaked in mystery.

Agent Truefellow: Oh really. What did he say to you when you told him I was interviewing you?

Agent Moore: He found out through the grapevine before I had the chance to tell him. He said I was crazy to let you interview me, and to leave him out of it. I tried to tell him that I was doing it a favor for a friend but he wasn't listening.

Agent Truefellow: He wasn't listening?

Agent Moore: He got a call about a probable mob hit in Vermont. I think he was worried about Bree.

Agent Truefellow: Richard was worried Bree was involved with a mob hit?

Agent Moore: It was in the town where she lives. You know how she gets caught up in things.

Agent Truefellow: She does have a tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is she okay?

Agent Moore: As far as I know. Hambecker left town and I haven't heard anything since then.

Agent Truefellow: Bree's in trouble and you didn't go with him? I thought you liked Bree.

Agent Moore: I wasn't invited.

Agent Truefellow: There's no law prohibiting Federal Employees from visiting Vermont.

Agent Moore: I've been reassigned. I'm shipping out to Alaska tomorrow.

Agent Truefellow: Alaska? Why do they need you in Alaska? Let me guess - it's a matter of national security and you can't tell me.

Agent Moore: It's kind of you to answer my questions for me.

Agent Truefellow: You're impossible. Do you know that? Impossible.

Agent Moore: I'm sorry. Being interviewed by extraterrestrials makes me nervous.

Award winning author, Kate George, originally hails from Northern California, where she was raised on a ranch alongside two brothers, feral cats, cattle, a poodle named Molly and at least one mountain lion. After working in a variety of occupations from actress to motorcycle safety instructor she earned a degree in anthropology from UC Davis before deciding to return to writing. She now lives in Vermont with her dogs, kids, husband and currently several feet of snow. You can reach her at Her latest release is California Schemin’ available at Mainly Murder Press, Amazon, and can be ordered from any bookstore.


Kate George/Bodacious Betty said...

Good morning Elaine! Thanks so much for hosting Agents Truefellow and Moore. They don't get out much, as you can tell - socialization is good for them. I hope your readers feel free to ask me, Madison and Moose questions. We'll do our best to answer them politely!

Warren Bull said...

Hello, Kate.
it was nice of you to stop by the bog. My question is for you. Was it easier being raised with brothers or mountain lions? I've always been interested in usual family dynamics.

E. B. Davis said...

Agent Moore reminds me a bit of Colonial Flagg on M.A.S.H. Thanks for blogging today, Kate. Good luck on the new book, which sounds like a lot of fun.

Kate George/Bodacious Betty said...

Hi Warren,

The mountain lion is slightly less sarcastic than the brothers.

But as the only sister I now have the upper hand...

E.B. - I will now have to watch re-runs of M.A.S.H. ad infinitum. Thanks for that. I used to love that show.

Pauline Alldred said...

So you've used California amd Vermont. What's next? And do you ever use your anthropology degree? I'm fascinated by really ancient history. Good luck with your new book.

Kate George/Bodacious Betty said...

Hi Pauline,

Back to Vermont for the next Bree MacGowan. I love the small town dynamics.

I use my anthropology degree in odd ways. It helps me relate to people from other cultures a little better than I might have otherwise. And it's a handy degree for a writer. It's good to know that things work differently in other places.

Of course and MFA in fiction probably would have been a smarter choice for me. But I've never been known to do things the easy way...