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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Leaping and Marching

I’m confused! And late with my post today! All that leaping yesterday—I decided to treat it as an extra day and took it off. Mistake, right? I should have been writing this post.

 What did you do with your extra day? Did you waste it like I did? Or did you put it to good use.

You know what, though? It’s not really an extra day. It was Saturday and the next day was Sunday. Is Sunday. Now, if it was an extra Saturday, that would be so much better. Why can’t we do that?

So now we March into Spring! So much action. Makes me weary. 

Photos from pippalou and SCRandCo


Warren Bull said...

I get thrown off after time zone travel and holidays. It is Sunday, right?

Margaret S. Hamilton said...

Yesterday was a normal Saturday, cold, with snow on the ground. We watched soccer on TV and I delighted in the newborn babies clad in "frog green" hats and blankets.

Kaye George said...

Warren, if my phone is correct, then it IS Sunday.

Margaret, you'll have to pick today to have an "extra" day!

Kathy Waller said...

I went to CatVideoFest yesterday. Seventy-two minutes of videos of cats being cats and people being servants.

Kaye George said...

I hope there were some leaping cats, Kathy. Sounds fun and relaxing.