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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Diversions by Kait Carson

The world is entering into a new normal. For the foreseeable future we are instructed to wash our hands frequently through two renditions of Happy Birthday, practice social distancing by leaving at least six feet between ourselves and the next closest person, and not gather in groups of more than ten. Many of us are working from home, even more have lost their jobs without amenities, store shelves are empty of basic provisions, yet we have more need of those same provisions given that entire families are clustered together in self-imposed isolation.

People are reeling. Tomorrow is no longer a certainty, and no one knows what the world will look like at the end of this period of trial. Concentration is a thing of the past. It will return as we adapt to the situation, but until that happens, we need diversions. Something, anything, to take our minds from the news and the rising counts.

Earlier this month Marilyn Levinson shared her love of Sudoku as a favorite diversion. Crossword puzzles, board games, reading, movie watching, rom-coms, and favorite television reruns also rank high. Right now is the perfect time to belly up to a streaming binge. Try to opt for something that has lots of episodes, and a good slice of comedy, or eye-candy. Too bad I just finished Longmire. Maybe I should start again.

There is only one problem with all of the above suggestions. They require an ability to pay attention. Lately, I’ve found myself fresh out of an attention span. That’s when I remembered I had purchased the Jacquie Lawson Cotswold Advent calendar. Each day of Advent the user was meant to click on an ornament that uncovered a different game or activity. Some were simple and one was made for mindless diversion.

Day twenty-one is titled Holiday Lights. It’s various screens of multi-color ornaments that the player “breaks” with a click of the mouse. There are ten levels, no tricks, and less strategy. Computerized bubble paper. Ingenious! Especially gratifying is the glass breaking sound the ornaments make. A small tinkle of glass for a few baubles, a jolly explosion for multiples. I’m no warrior, but every time I win the game, I feel as if I’ve beaten back my fear and worry. Take that, coronavirus. We’re going to beat you to your knees! I couldn’t get through the day right now without a good game of smash the ornaments.

Have you found a diversion that works for you?

Stay safe, everyone, and take care of each other.


Sasscer Hill said...

I did a sale offer of signed Fia McKee hardbacks that I was able to get from St. Martin's for a discounted price. I opened a paypal account and sold $200 worth of books to help defray the cost of my doggie, Rosco, who just had cancer surgery. It took up all my attention because when I didn't focus, I'd package the book before I signed it and have to do that over again or, I'd write down the wrong address, etc. So it forced me to focus, that is until pay pal stopped working for some unknown reason. And of course the customer service department didn't answer my emails, and the phone always said reps were busy and to call back later. Frustrating times for all of us. I just ran sales through ENT and Fussy Librian. FYI, got way more bang for my buck with Fussy Librarian. The marketing guppies group has been a life saver of support and conversation about our business as authors. It all helped. But having a new book out and every event I was scheduled to attend cancelled has really hurt the launch of the new title, TRAVELS OF QUINN.

Kait said...

Oh, Wow, Sasscer, I am so grateful that you did raise some funds for Rosco. He is looking great in his FB pictures. Good information about Fussy Librarian, too. You have done a fantastic job marketing Quinn. I'm picking your brain this summer when I start my marketing push!

For those who haven't read the Travels of Quinn - don't miss it, it's spectacular.

You're making great use of your time - sorry about the cancellations, though.

Margaret S. Hamilton said...

Hunkering down for Camp Nano on April 1st, several dog walks a day, and starting to photograph the spring flowers and tree blossoms.

KM Rockwood said...

I fear we are in for a long haul.

This may be the year when I finally plant a vegetable garden instead of relying on buying my fresh veggies from the neighbor's kids (who are pretty well grown up now, so they may not have their stand this year.)

My brother-in-law said he would set a hen to brood if we wanted chicks. I'm not sure I'm up the that yet. In a wooded area like this, it's hard to keep them from becoming fox food, no matter what kind of housing you have for them.

If I can't find a jar of yeast on my next shopping trip, I will try to make a sour-dough starter.

Hope Rocco recovers well, Sasscer. At this point we only have one dog, and I've added a big bag of dog food to my normal reserve, which I keep in case we get snowed in. Cat food, too.

Kait said...

@Margaret - Camp Nano - that sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing the photos. You are an amazing photographer.

@KM So true, but on my better days, I hope we turn a corner. Both a veggie garden and a chicken coop sound wonderful, can relate about the foxes though. No easy answer for those, and the occasional coyote. Good luck with the yeast, I haven't looked here, but I bet it is out of stock as are most of the baking supplies.

Stay safe everyone.

Kaye George said...

I play games on my phone with my kids and one grandkid. We play a version of Scrabble (Words by Post), and another one called, unfortunately, Trivia Crack. I suspect they are sending my notice that it's my turn, partly to check up on me--to make sure I'm still alive, although they are also texting and calling a lot more than usual.

Warren Bull said...

I am planning to brave the waters of setting up a Youtube channel and putting up a musical performance that I had to cancel. I have already stumbled my way to getting the channel up with many missteps along the way.

Kait said...

@Kaye - Trivia Crack? I'm looking for it. Love trivia games.

@Warren - WOW - brave is the right word. Let us know the url I'm sure we would all love to attend virtually.