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Sunday, October 14, 2018

In Memory of MaryAlice Gorman

The mystery world lost a true hero this week.

MaryAlice Gorman was a dynamo. A woman to be reckoned with. Others can do a better job of telling the story of her life, which was long and fascinating. Go read the memorials being posted on her Facebook page for a taste of how she touched others’ lives. As for me, I can only share my own experiences with the woman who created Mystery Lovers Bookshop, the Pittsburgh Chapter of Sisters in Crime, and the Festival of Mystery.

The list of things I'd not be or not have done had MaryAlice never graced my life is endless. She was a powerhouse, a kick-ass cancer survivor, a strong woman, an advocate of authors and books, a smart, savvy businessperson...and a good friend.

MaryAlice was a formidable presence, more than a little intimidating at times, but I admired and respected her from the moment we first met, surrounded by mysteries in her and Richard’s store. Back then, I was a starry-eyed aspiring writer, full of dreams and totally clueless about how to attain them. MaryAlice played the matchmaker of sorts, introducing me to so many of the authors I now consider close friends and who mentored me and supported me along the path to publication. She placed books in my hands and told me I needed to read this author or that. When she learned I lived near the airport, she assigned me the task of picking up visiting authors and driving them to the store or to the Festival of Mystery, knowing I’d have an hour of un-interrupted time with my captive audiences. I remember being on the phone with MaryAlice as she looked over the list of authors coming in for the Festival and picking which one I “needed” to spend time with.

She introduced me to my now good friend, Lisa Scottoline, and helped arrange for Lisa to be the keynote speaker at the 2009 Pennwriters Conference, of which I was conference coordinator.
MaryAlice, Lisa Scottoline, and me
As I searched my photo archives for pictures of MaryAlice, I realized I didn’t have nearly enough. She was always there, but always busy working, rarely taking the stage unless she was giving her pitch to buy books and support your libraries. And touting authors.

My story isn’t unique. Many of my Pittsburgh area author friends tell of similar experiences. Wandering into Mystery Lovers, being welcomed by MaryAlice, and being introduced to other authors who might be able to help them meet their goals.
At the 2012 Festival of Mystery: MaryAlice and just a few of
the friends she made within the mystery community.

At the 2012 Festival of Mystery: with Joyce Tremel

At the 2012 Festival of Mystery with the cake our
Sisters in Crime had made celebrating 15 years of our killer partnership.

At the 2012 Festival of Mystery with her beloved husband, Richard

She and Richard sold the store before my first book came out but returned for my book launch. Anytime I posted on Facebook about a new achievement, she’d respond with “Mazel tov!” She embraced retirement and travel and family. And she never stopped speaking out on women’s rights. Her final Facebook post late on Monday was a prompt to register to vote.

Somehow, I thought she'd beat anything that tried to take her down. Silly, yes. But she always seemed so invincible. And yet, Monday night the mystery world lost our staunchest supporter. And the world, in general, lost so much more.

I’ve posted, “Rest in peace, MaryAlice,” but somehow, I suspect she’s simply taken her voice to a higher power.  


Margaret S. Hamilton said...

what a wonderful tribute to your friend and mentor

Jim Jackson said...

Sorry for your loss, Annette, but I'm happy for your the wonderful gains your friendship with this wonderful woman brought.

Liz Milliron said...

Great tribute, Annette. I know Mary Alice was personally responsible for introducing us.

Annette said...

She was a national treasure.

KM Rockwood said...

A fitting tribute to a wonderful person. I'm sure she will be missed.