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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Getting Ready for Malice

Writers Who Kill - KM, Me, Jim, Shari & E.B.

Today I’m on my way to Malice Domestic; my tenth year of going to this conference. The first time I went it was with my best friend Phyllis and my two cousins Sally and Linda. Then it took place at the Marriot in Crystal City. We had two rooms reserved, my cousins in one and my friend and I in the other one. We ate our evening meals together. I didn’t go to the Agatha Banquet that year. During the days my cousins and friend toured the D.C. taking the transit that came near the underground mall by the hotel, while I spent all my time at the conference meeting new people and enjoying the panel discussions. It was when I first discovered Sisters in Crime as well as the Guppies and signed up to be a member of each that year. In going back to my journal for that year, I mentioned seeing some big name authors whose books I’d read like Margaret Maron, Nancy Pickard, Dorothy Cannell and Carolyn Hart.
Luci Hamsson Zahray the poison lady is always there.

All four of us went back the following year, too, but the year after that my friend didn’t want to go, but my cousins did and we tripled up in one room. Again they toured the DC and Alexandria, while I stayed with the conference. The following year my cousins didn’t want to go, but by then I was with a mystery writing group in the Cleveland area, and got a ride there with Amanda Flower and her mother. I roomed that year with Beth Groundwater. The next year I went again with Amanda Flower and her mother and roomed with Casey Daniels. The next few years I rode there with Irma Baker and on in 2014 I roomed with Kathleen (KM) Rockwood for the first time. I hadn’t met her other than online before that time. We’ve been rooming together ever since. The last two years I drove to her home south of Gettysburg and she drove from there. This year I will be riding again with Irma, but still staying with Kathleen, who is a good roommate.
The books I read except for one returned to the library

So now I’m getting ready to go again with a whole list of things that must be done before I leave. One of which is to finish reading the books of my panelists on “Murder Small Town,” some of the five panelists have two series. I only have half of one book still to go so that will be okay. Then I have to work on questions for the group and for each individual author. Three of my panelists I had for the panel “Small Town Murders,” last year at Malice. I also volunteered to bring something for the silent auction. I still need to shop for some of the things and put a basket together. I need to pack my books I’ll be taking for Mystery Loves Company to sell as well as pack my clothes, etc.
A group picture of all the Guppies last year.

Then there were the things I needed to do before I left that involved my critters and other things. My friend Laura is housesitting and caring for all my critters that she loves, but I left this morning, and she can’t come until Friday evening so I had to arrange with my granddaughter to come over before I left so I could go over all the things that needed done the days she’ll take care of them. Laura came Monday evening to go over anything different like the new prescription for Maggie’s arthritis in her left leg. I always print out a list for the animal care of my critters including phone numbers to call for the vet, my children, and my Tracphone, although most of the time that is turned off. I also added the telephone number of the hotel.
Jim moderating a panel with Frankie Y. Bailey & other panelists.
On my list of things to do was to clean my house somewhat, mow my lawns broken up into sections by gardens; at least most of them if not all. I did mow the front yard, beside my house, the back yard and in front of the barn, and I do not use a riding mower. Of course, the bird feeders would need filled, inside bird cages cleaned as well as the litter boxes. I needed a haircut before I left. I had to return library books I read for my book clubs and one that was for one of my panelists, too. Of course, I needed to get money out of the ATM and call my bank to tell them I’d be out of town.  Make sure there’s lots of bottled water for my friend because most people don’t like my well water even if I do. I needed to make sure I had plenty of food for Maggie and the cats before I left, too. And even though it’s not totally necessary, I did want to write more chapters for my tenth book that’s close to being finished. And it would be awfully nice if I could find the little white cord I plug into my camera and then into my computer to download my pictures. I have a feeling one of my cats made off with it. 
Another WWK picture with Shari, me, Jim and Paula

Have you ever gone to Malice Domestic?

When you leave home for a while what preparations do you need to do?


Jim Jackson said...

I also left home today, but in my case it’s for my northern migration. Like most birds, I have a number of stops before arriving home. The first is Saturday at Cape Charles Coffee House, where I am participating in a 50 Shades of Cabernet signing with Doug Lutz.

Do say hi to everyone for me.

~ Jim

Gloria Alden said...

Jim, I will when those of us who are going this year will be meeting at the French restaurant again. Have a nice trip home and sell many of your books at the signing.

Margaret Turkevich said...

Have a great time, Gloria.

Shari Randall said...

See you, Paula, Grace, and KM soon, Gloria! I hope we can manage an all-WWK get together someday.

Warren Bull said...

Enjoy the experience Gloria

Gloria Alden said...

Thanks, Margaret and Warren.

Shari, that would be really nice wouldn't it.

KM Rockwood said...

I made it! I'm here at Malice.

It was a bit if a struggle--I thought I had everything ready for my husband to take to a social hour/dinner tonight, but when I checked as he got things ready to load into his car, I realized we hadn't been as thorough as I'd thought. So I ended up needing to do two runs to a store (we live outside town--it's not just a quick run to the store.)

Then I got a phone call from a friend who'd been in an accident. No one was hurt, thank goodness, but there are myriad details that need to be addressed.

And my blasted heart monitor went off. A phone call (and not a quick phone call, the way I'd hoped) and was told not to worry about it.

Add that to the fact that my computer died last week, creating all kinds of difficulties.

But I'm here! And I've already lost my sweater.

Kait said...

Never have made it to Malice. Hope next year is the first. Have a great time, Gloria and hope to meet you there next year!

Julie Tollefson said...

What great memories, Gloria. Some day, I'm going to make it to Malice, and I hope to meet you face to face when I do!

Gloria Alden said...

Kathleen, that still makes me laugh even though I heard it when we got together to share a room.

Kait, I hope you do get to come to Malice - so many friendly people most murdering people on the page. :-)

Julie, I hope you make it there, too.