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Monday, November 12, 2012

Confessions Of A Kindle Addict

 I spent $87.36 on Amazon Kindle books in one month. I know how this happened. Someone gave me an Amazon gift card. I loved being able to hit that download button and purchase whatever I wanted, so much so, it became a habit. I got hooked on a mystery series. I wanted to read the entire six books in the series as yet written. The ease of hitting that button while glued to my seat and the convenience of not waiting to come up to the #1 spot on the library’s wait-list was too enticing. Downloading books became a cheap thrill.  

Here’s a run-down on my purchases:
·      17 fiction books at an average price of $4.46. None was priced higher than $7.99, and two were priced at $.99 (Some books priced at $2.99 I enjoyed more than those priced at $7.99. My favorite—$6 .99.)
·      1 free fiction book
·      1 nonfiction book at $9.56
·      2 short stories, both $.99
·      1 free short story.

With the exception of two fiction books and the nonfiction, I read them all this month, plus four library books, which I took out because I knew I was running up a bill, and I went to the beach, where my Kindle Fire’s illumination doesn’t do the job. (Why a friend recommended it for me I do not understand.) I also read Broke, by Kaye George for her WWK interview, but she was kind enough to give me the pre-publication version, which I uploaded onto my Kindle to read (love that!). My justification? I was on vacation for a week, but I also have to admit, the title of this blog doesn’t really describe my affliction. I’m a book addict. Kindle enables my addiction by its convenience.   

I’m usually not a cheap-thrills person, but for books—my lust has no bounds. They’re not boxes of creamy and expensive European chocolates, not TV shows or movies, not spa treatments or department store cosmetics, designer clothing, time and money consuming sports, nor tickets to see others perform in some way—but it’s my vice and I love them—write them, read them, and obviously buy them—way too much. But then, at $90 a month, coming to a grand total of around $1100 a year, many spend much more on their vice. Consider that Gone Girl has a library backlog list of 156 people (I kid you NOT)—isn’t that a good enough rationalization?

I’m not bragging about my reading because sometimes the pleasure gets in the way of work, but then I’m studying those books, taking notes, in greater detail than ever to help with my writing. Maybe getting back into writing my next WIP will save my budget. What’s your experience buying electronic books?


Gregg said...

All you need to do to solve your beach problem is pick up a $69 Kindle (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0051QVESA/ref=fs_tq), which has e-Ink that works great in bright sunlight. This will allow you to read on the beach with the Kindle and read inside with the Kindle Fire. And they will sync with each other, picking up where the other left off.


Michael Kelberer said...

Aaah, it's so good to know I'm not alone in my addiction. I'm at the stage where I buy way more of my drug of choice than I can possibly consume (three bookshelves at least of purchased-but-unread books, and about 15 on my iPad). My only success so far in battling this addiction has been to (lately) reduce its cost with frequent trips to the library. Even then, I bring home an average of 10 books, of which I manage to read two or three before they have to be returned...
Is there a self-help group that you've found? Or are we both still in denial?

E. B. Davis said...

Yes, but Gregg, why didn't I just buy the $69 Kindle? I don't see any point to the Kindle Fire.

E. B. Davis said...

PS--where is Berry's picture? Too bad he couldn't come to the wedding!

E. B. Davis said...

Michael--this is a lesson for us both. Self-discipline must be enforced to quell our addictive behavior, except when we can justify, rationalize and whine loud enough so that our spouses add more to our reading budgets! I'm asking for Amazon cards for Christmas.

James Montgomery Jackson said...


To add to your addiction, you can include an app on your Kindle Fire for Nook books, providing you access to another whole format for your e-books.

Jan has a Kindle Fire; I have a Nexus Tablet. I have her Kindle app on my Nexus and she has my Nook app on her Fire so we can share e-books without having to figure out how to lend them back and forth.

~ Jim

E. B. Davis said...

Thanks for the information, Jim. I was thrilled when I sent a doc to my kindle via its email address and uploaded the doc on my Kindle. It was so cool. Where do you go to get that app?

Warren Bull said...

As addictions go, this one is pretty cheap in both monetary and health terms. Luckily nobody can see my bookshelves through this blog.

E. B. Davis said...

A paper addict, Warren? Worse, I think, than a Kindle addict because most paper editions are more expensive then their electronic versions. And then, there's the dust.

Gloria Alden said...

E.B. I thought I read a lot because I rarely watch TV, but 14 books in one month? Wow! Like Warren, I have a paper addiction. My book shelves are crammed, and I have books in every room of my house. To me a house without books is a bare house. I really load up on books at the mystery conferences I attend and also use the library and occasionally order from Amazon. Books and plants both are healthy addictions in my opinion as Warren said about the books. And I don't worry about the dust, either, since dusting if someone prolongs a phone conversation is easy to do. Swish! Swish!

E. B. Davis said...

I wish I were as productive as you are on the phone, Gloria. Yes, I have to admit that I can read three books per week, usually done before bedtime. I also load up on books at conferences, but I limit the amount of conferences I attend because they can be expensive, too!

The first week in December, I will try to be a seller. My local SinC group is promoting their books at an indie nearby. I'll take the anthologies that I have stories published in and do my best to boost their sales, thus adding to others' addictions.

Paula Gail Benson said...

E.B., I thought I had discovered heaven to be able to download books to my iPad. Now, if I could just weed the paper collection! Best wishes for your sales in December.

James Montgomery Jackson said...


Here's a link on how to get a Nook app on your Kindle Fire.


~ Jim

E. B. Davis said...

Thanks Paula. I just got a shipment of the new Shaker of Margaritas: Bad Hair Day. So far, I like all the stories. But the indie bookstore hasn't replied to my email so I'm not sure what is happening. I hope they are doing a brisk Veterans Day business.

Kara Cerise said...

I understand about the Kindle addiction, E.B. The instant gratification of downloading any book at any time became too tempting. I finally tucked it away on a high shelf (I'm short) hoping I would actually spend time writing instead of reading.

Carla Damron said...

Great blog. One problem with readers: immediate gratification. I definitely BUY more books now, via the Kindle, than I used to! Why drive to the library when I can push this little button and the book appears???

E. B. Davis said...

Thanks for the link, Jim. I will download it and look at Barnes and Noble for books.

A high shelf wouldn't deter me, Kara. If I can get the books I want to read at the library, that's fine. But, if I'm bored with their books or there is something I "need" to read immediately, I'd hurdle that shelf and have that Kindle down in a flash.

That little button is fun, Carla. Now though, I'm trying to be virtuous since the holidays and gifts are right around the corner. Can I wait until Christmas? Doubt it, especially since I saw a book release this morning in a series I read. I'll try!

Alyx Morgan said...

I haven't joined the e-reader revolution yet, EB, & I doubt I ever will. There's something so pleasing & "right" about holding & reading an actual paper book that I doubt I could find in the alternative.

I do, however, have the addiction to reading that you describe. Whether buying books or checking them out from the library, I never walk away with less than 3 or 4 of them at a time.

Gregg said...


I didn't think the Fire was a good choice for you either, but then again, nobody asked me.

Sounds like you have another Christmas present you can ask for? :)