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An Interview with Author Krista Davis By E. B. Davis


Never trust anyone who tries so hard to be perfect.

Krista Davis, The Diva Delivers on a Promise, Kindle Loc. 1878


Sophie is busy handling the first ever convention of the Association of Ghost Kitchens—restaurants that do delivery only—but she’s taking a little time out for a lunch meeting organized by A Healthy Meal. The group is dedicated to providing meals for children in need, and as a bonus, it’ll give Sophie the perfect opportunity to ogle the lavish Old Town home of socialite Geraldine Stansfield. Gerrie’s dining room is impeccably furnished, the table laden with gleaming crystal and prized china. If it weren’t for the dead man lying on the floor, everything would be perfect . . .

No one knows the victim—or at least, no one claims to. But a little snooping by Sophie reveals links to many local notables. In fact, not only was he a client of Geraldine’s late husband, an attorney—every member of the Stansfield clan knew the deceased. But only one knows what he was doing in Gerrie’s house.

Gerrie’s elegant abode looks spotless, but there’s plenty of dirty linen in those family closets. Now Sophie will have to get the killer to come clean before he spoils another appetite—for good . . .

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The Diva Delivers on a Promise is the sixteenth book in the Domestic Diva Mystery series. Sixteen! I applaud Krista Davis for her ingenuity. Her characters are like old friends who take readers along on their investigations. Thank goodness the calories are also fiction!


Once again, Sophie Winston investigates murder within the small community of Old Town Alexandria, VA, a place I’ve visited many times while living in Northern VA. There are brick sidewalks, and many of the homes are on the historic register—just as Krista describes. Sophie and her best friend Nina solve not just one murder, but two, and an attempted murder along with a scam that ties to those murders. There’s a lot of crime surrounding her neighborhood, which gets Sophie investigating during the hot August days and nights.


P.S. Books 10—15 are now on Kindle Unlimited. Read them free with your subscription!


Welcome Krista Davis back to WWK!                   E. B. Davis

How does the industry classify your mystery series? Although there are the cozy elements of the culinary arts, the comradery of friends, and pets—there’s also a lot of blood. Luckily, some of that blood was actually tomato sauce, but there still was enough.


The Domestic Diva Mysteries are considered cozy mysteries. Cozies come in a range. They don’t have to be sugary sweet or hilarious. I remember asking my editor if I could hang someone. She said, “It all depends on how you do it.”


Has anyone ever approached you about movie rights?

Yes. At the moment there is a strike in progress which has brought a lot of things to a screeching halt.


This is the first time, I think, that there was a question that Mars might have been having an affair with Natasha before Sophie and his divorce. Was this an oversight on my part or a new twist?


Sorry, but it was an oversight on your part. Sophie doesn’t know for sure, but she’s not the only one who suspects that may have been the case.


In the last book, Bernie seemed to be making romantic overtures to Sophie. In this book, he volunteers to stay overnight at her place when she is threatened. But Mars kisses her—twice! I’m suspicious. Perhaps he sees the error of his ways. But…is Mars now interested because Bernie seems interested?


Mars doesn’t realize how Bernie feels about Sophie. Not yet, anyway. Mars was comfortable socializing with Sophie as a couple again.


What are ghost kitchens? Why are they appealing to the public over regular restaurant delivery services such as Door Dash?


Ghost kitchens cook food for delivery only. They do not have dining rooms and consumers cannot pick up their food. Some ghost kitchens have a delivery person, and many use companies like Door Dash for delivery of their food.


I was shocked that Charlene asked Mars, Bernie, Nina, and Sophie to deliver her ghost kitchen food. I know she was in a bind, and yet, it seemed inappropriate. Her family was there to help. Why would she ask Sophie, et al., to do so?


Charlene’s family (her mother and Natasha’s mother) were tied up in their own store. Sophie has assisted Charlene in the past. This time Charlene was in a pinch and had run out of options. You’ll notice that Mars and Bernie also agreed to help deliver her food.


Nina asks Charlene about giving the food to children or adults only. Charlene says give it to the kids because often parents are still at the office and order dinner for their kids from there. Is this a new trend?


Ghost kitchens are new, so I guess it is a recent trend. Imagine how convenient it is! School is out for the summer and a fourteen-year-old or a sixteen-year-old without a car is babysitting your children. Mom and Dad are working away from home and can call in an order for what they want their children to eat. It magically appears at their house!


Sophie is helping Colleen Stansfield field the first conference of the Association of Ghost Kitchens. Is there such an organization? Who does Colleen work for?


Colleen works for the Association of Ghost Kitchens. Such organizations and conferences are cropping up. There is an International Association of Delivery Kitchens.


What’s a tomahawk steak?


It’s a bone-in ribeye steak with a long bone attached, hence the name tomahawk. They are well-marbled and a favorite among steak lovers.


What’s a Figaro link silver bracelet?


The figaro link usually consists of three small links in a row, followed by an elongated link and are mostly seen on necklaces and bracelets. They are a popular link for men to wear, though women wear the link as well.


Mariah Carey has a cookie business?


You bet!


Dark roots are still tacky, aren’t they, even if the media seems intent on trying to make them fashionable?


I’m not getting involved in a fashion trends argument! LOL! Let’s just say that is in the eye of the beholder.


At the beginning of Chapter 10, I was shocked when I agreed with Natasha’s answer. Is something wrong with me?


Natasha isn’t always wrong! Natasha is very opinionated and has strict rules for herself that she thinks are appropriate for others.


When Bernie asks everyone to The Laughing Hound for a taste test, he’s trying out wood-burning cooking. I thought only pizza places might have a wood burning oven. Is this different? Is it a new trend? (For readers—here’s the tasting menu—pork with pineapple, crisp grilled whole fish, spiced lamb, brined chicken with sweet corn, smoky pork belly mac and cheese, grilled zucchini, and salad—and finished by a dessert of chocolate ice cream with a French chocolate liqueur and charred marshmallow topping—accompanied with Amaretto coffee topped with melting whipped cream. Many refrigerator doors will be opened during this scene.)


It is a new trend! It’s not an oven, though. It’s a live open fire. You can imagine it takes a special work area, so not every restaurant is capable of wood-burning cooking without a major renovation. But it is definitely a hot trend. (Sorry, had to say it!)


I really thought “petit” larceny was “petty” larceny. Are both adjectives used interchangeably or was I doing another auditory learner mistake?


A prosecutor friend informs me that “petty” is unfortunate American language for “petit.” It differs by state and commonwealth. Some states call it misdemeanor larceny.


It was great finding out more about Officer Wong in this book. Her ex, Eddie, is back in town. He is a narcissist. I have some experience with such individuals. You wrote with authority and authenticity on the disorder. Do you have a narcissist in your life?


I believe I have encountered some narcissists in my life. Thank you for your kind compliment.


Why are narcissists attracted to clever, confident women?


My understanding is that they seek strong women because narcissists are insecure and such women give them the authority they did not receive from their parents. I’m not so sure about that. I suspect it may be because confident women are a bigger challenge and reward.


Why does Natasha jump to the conclusion that Sophie is responsible for ruining her cookie business?


Because the problem arose immediately after Natasha was a guest speaker at the conference Sophie was running. Natasha thinks it wouldn’t have happened if she had not been a guest speaker.


Are deeds to houses still issued?


I certainly hope so! To the best of my knowledge, they are still issued.


Are the temporary credit cards a new phenomenon? I haven’t heard about them. They sound like a good idea, but it’s probably confusing and problematic.


I was very surprised to read about them. I’m in total agreement with you. They sound like a terrific idea, but a hassle. For those not familiar with them, the bank gives you a number for one use only. After you charge something, that number is no longer valid. What a great way to foil credit card thieves! Unfortunately, having been the victim of credit card theft myself recently, I wonder if we’re heading in that direction. Those who are interested in learning more about them can start at this link.


Do you drink Blue Ghosts or eat them with a spoon?


You drink them. Like a Brandy Alexander made with ice cream!


What’s next for Sophie and the gang?


I am pleased to announce that The Diva Goes Overboard has been sent to my editor and should be released in May of 2024!



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