Monday, November 15, 2021

Life Happens, Writing Isn't Always the Highest Priority


Life Happens, Writing isn’t Always the Highest Priority by Debra H. Goldstein

Have you ever had time get away from you? Promised to do something or made a to-do list and then life got in the way? That’s where I am this week. I’m being pulled in too many different directions to feel that I’m accomplishing what originally were my priorities.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m getting things done, but only the items on my to-do list that have time limits or are obligations that would impact other people’s schedules. My personal goals, like writing, have slid to the bottom of the page or been moved out-of-sight. The only reason this blog is being thrown together is because 1) When I became a WWK blogger, I promised something would be posted on the third Monday of each month, and 2) I looked at the calendar and realized that my Monday was coming sooner than I thought.

The point is that what needs to be done is getting done and I’ve had to come to terms with letting a few things go by the wayside. Some authors insist on drafting so many words a day while others write when the muse hits. In weeks like I’m having, when juggling is of the essence, writers have two choices: go with the flow or beat oneself up. To me, the latter is foolish because it wastes energy and can’t change anything. Bemoaning and wailing what isn’t being done diminishes one’s time and focus.


This week is going to pass. Things will get back to normal. My writing will again top my to-do list. And when all is said and done, I’ll be ready to move forward. What about you? Ever have one of these weeks and how did you cope?


  1. I wish I was able to keep to a better writing schedule, but I haven't figured out a way to make that happen. My muse needs to cooperate!

  2. Life happens. My wall oven control panel died on February 1st. In June, I found an installer who could configure a new wall oven and microwave oven. His dealership said "positively for Christmas."

    On November 1st, I called for an update. "Sorry, now it's looking like Easter at the earliest."

    I have five kids coming for Christmas. I just ordered an instant pot. There will be no cookie baking this year.

  3. Virtual hugs, Debra. What's the Yiddish expression -- Man plans and God laughs? Sometimes you just have to laugh with God about your plans. Hope the world turns more normal for you soon.

    Margaret -- That is outrageous. Tons of new houses going up and I'll bet they are getting installers.

  4. Hugs, Debra. I try to give myself permission to do what has to be done instead of beating myself up. The good news is that it will turn around.

  5. Thanks everyone... I think my woes look mild compared to Margaret and 5 kids coming for the holidays and no oven..... Another few days and I'll be back in the swing of always being a step behind catching up, but knowing I'm doing it :).

  6. Family, Guppy Classes, Holiday short story, Thanksgiving guests coming, Christmas Shopping, and construction crew at my house! Yes, I can feel your pain, Debra. For some reason, this year is more stressful and those past.

    I'm so sorry, Margaret. Kids and no cookies!

  7. Life - it's such a wit and a wag and sometimes a gray slog. Glad you see a better time coming soon, Debra.

  8. Wise words, Debra. Hope things turn around for you soon.
    Margaret - bribe the installer!

  9. Debra, we have to keep our perspectives--and sometimes writing does fall to the bottom of the list. It doesn't mean we care any less, it just means we have to take care of the truly important things in our lives first.

    Jim, another similar saying is "Man proposes, God disposes." And "The best laid plans of mice and men..."

    Margaret, one of my sisters hit a similar problem when she ordered a new wall oven. Her solution was to buy a used kitchen range and have it installed in the garage. She'll sell it back to the appliance story when she doesn't need it any more. Not terribly convenient, but better than nothing. And you might want to add a portable roaster and a hot air fryer to your appliances, if you don't have them already.