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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Surviving an Automobile Accident

Surviving an Automobile Accident

Having an automobile accident that has totaled my car was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced except for the deaths of loved ones. I was lucky in not being killed when I saw my car after getting out of the hospital. My sternum was cracked and two ribs in the back from the seat belt as well as the airbag hitting me. It hurts to cough or sneeze and hurt awfully when nurses tried to pull me up, but I’m feeling better now. My daughter Sue has been coming over every evening and helping me or taking me to places I need to go like taking Maggie to the vets for a checkup. She takes me to the grocery store, and she hired a cleaning lady to come in and clean for me. That I wasn’t particularly happy about, but it worked out okay. Susan took me to Mass on Sunday and picked me up after and then took me for a haircut. My daughter Mary in California ordered mobile meals for me. She calls me every day to check on me, too. I had to cancel my delivering of Mobile Meals without a car to do it. Hopefully, soon my son will take me to used car lots so I can find another car. He’s looking for cars for me now.

Another thing that upset me is that my son Joe thought my ponies were too much for me to take care of and Sue agreed. I had been taking them over to his large pasture which had more grass than the small pasture they had. I said okay and they both planned to find other homes for them. But then I laid awake the other night thinking about it and decided I did not want to part with my two ponies and that as soon as I heal which will be soon, I would have no trouble caring for them. I’ve had them for a lot of years. So last week I had my grandson Jacob, when he got home from his college class, come over to bring my ponies home. I walked over to Joe’s pasture with him and my two ponies were far off in the front pasture, but when I called out to them they galloped full speed to see me. I held each of their halters while Jacob attached a lead to each and then he took them back to my barn and put them in the lean to attached to the pasture where I’d already put hay in their tub and horse feed in their rubber dishes.

The other good thing I learned was the thirteen year old son of my cleaning lady has always wished he could work on a farm down the road from where she lives and I asked if he would be willing to finish cleaning the one stall I hadn’t got around to finishing and she said he would so he came Tuesday to finish it and swept the barn, too. Actually his mom worked out there with him, too. And he brushed the ponies too, although that wasn’t really necessary.

My sister Elaine drove 50 miles to take me to my eye doctor appointment and later to the appointment of the doctor who took care of me in the hospital. He said I was doing quite well and soon I would be healed.

Each day I’m feeling better. I’m able to go out to do morning barn chores and go next door to feed my son’s peacock and my peahen. I just want to get another car so I can go places without depending on someone else.

Have you ever been in a car accident?

Were you hurt?


KM Rockwood said...

When I look at the photo, I agree with you it's fortunate you survived that accident.

I was in a bad accident last fall, in my almost brand new car (of course it wouldn't be the 23 year old truck!) It was, however, in a round-about, so instead of being head-on or T-boned, it was a sideswipe.

Both cars were damaged, but neither driver hurt beyond a few bruises.

My daughter, who works for the federal highway administration, says that's why they use round-abouts in some areas with a history of accidents. Most drivers don't like them (me included) but when there is an accident, people are much less likely to sustain serious injury.

Margaret Turkevich said...

Gloria, so glad you're feeling better! Take your time to completely heal.

KM, your mention of roundabouts (rotaries) is interesting. One is being constructed on a two lane road near our house at a subdivision entrance, with heavy commuter and UC Blue Ash traffic. They're unusual in Ohio, and I suspect drivers will be very cautious...or avoid the road entirely.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend, I am sooo glad you are alive! I was in a very bad accident when I was 19. Not my fault, but it really provides empathy when I hear what others have gone thru. I must say I love that picture of Maggie and the ponies but -- it looks like that one pony is standing on the dog's back! LOL Adorable. I'm looking forward to chauffeuring you to Writer's Group this Saturday as long as you feel up to it. I can't wait to hug you... GENTLY! -- Laura

Shari Randall said...

Gloria, I am just so glad you came through okay! I was in an accident as a child and I still remember parts of it vividly.
Sounds like your cleaning lady's son likes your ponies! I bet he'll be back.

Gloria Alden said...

KM, I'm glad you weren't hurt and I hope your car was able to be repaired.

Thank you, Margaret. I am taking my time to heal but have decided I need to get out of my
nesting chair and continue feeding my barn animals and walking over to my son's house to feed our peacocks (his peacock, my peahen) because I need some exercising.

Laura, I can't wait to go, too, but I'm trying to figure out what I want to write for Saturday. Maybe I'll just read this blog to the others who won't have read it. Careful on the hugs, though because I'm still hurting a little.

Shari, I'm glad you survived your accident. It had to be something bad enough for you to still remember it.

Annette said...

Oh, dear, Gloria, I'm sorry you were injured but glad you're still around to tell the tale. Take your time recovering. Sending gentle hugs.

Gloria Alden said...

Thank you Annette. I'm glad your sending gentle hugs. :-)