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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Virginia is for Mysteries with Teresa Inge

I’m talking with Teresa Inge today, who serves with me on the Steering Committee of SinC’s online Guppy chapter. Like many members, Teresa also belongs to her local Virginia Beach SinC chapter. The Virginia Beach and newly formed Central Virginia chapter combined their talents to write short stories. The result: Virginia is for Mysteries, a delightful mix of seventeen mystery stories written by fourteen authors. Please welcome Teresa Inge to WWK.                      E. B. Davis

Teresa, tell our readers about the SinC Virginia Beach chapter and how the collaborative effort evolved with the Central Virginia chapter?

About ten years ago, I searched for a mystery writer’s group in Hampton Roads and discovered there was only romance, inspirational and poets in the area. After receiving the SinC newsletter in the mail, I noticed a list of members at large and mailed each one of them a hand-written note about chartering a chapter. Keep in mind this was before the SinC website and Internet tools we have today. The group met at a local restaurant and we formed SinC Mysteries by the Sea, Virginia Beach chapter. 

In 2011, I attended a one-day Mystery Writer’s conference at the Library of Virginia in Richmond. During the conference, I discussed collaborating an anthology with the Central Virginia chapter attendees. Everyone loved the idea and we began brainstorming.

How was the theme decided, and what were your guidelines to authors?

During the brainstorming session, I suggested Virginia is for Murders, and the group agreed. We also discussed that each story should have a dead body and a Virginia landmark. Later, I discovered we needed permission from Virginia tourism to use the trademark -Virginia is for...I then worked with a state official that approved the more appropriate title Virginia is for Mysteries.

How were the submissions judged?

Each author who submitted a story read three stories submitted by other authors and judged
each story based on character, setting, voice and guidelines. 

Who served as editor or did a team edit the stories?

Multi-published authors Meredith Cole, Maria Hudgins and Jayne Ormerod served as editors.

How did you find a publisher?

As a SinC online Guppy chapter member, I searched the database for a list of publishers and began the submission process. The database is a great resource for guppy members. 

Did your publisher provide the wonderful cover art?

Yes, Koehler Books has an outstanding cover art design team who created the beautiful cover.

I anticipated that the stories would be set in and around Virginia Beach, but the first story was set at the Monticello and the other settings were scattered around Virginia. Did you encourage geographic diversity or did it just happen?

Yes, we required each story to be set in or around Virginia.

I’m familiar with both settings of your stories, Teresa. I travel through Chesapeake frequently, and the Cavalier Hotel was one of my parents’ favorites. I remember staying there in the 1960s. What prompted you to set your stories in these places?

I’ve always been fascinated by the historic Cavalier on the Hill hotel in Virginia Beach. Built in 1927, it’s unique architecture and rich history of presidents, royalty and celebrity guests made a perfect setting for murder.  When doing my research for “Guide to Murder,” I took my family for a weekend stay at the elegant hotel. As soon as we arrived I began combing the grounds for where the murder would take place. I took pictures, explored areas that were not meant for guests and did lots of snooping around! I even stumbled across a vintage sauna that had a huge lock strapped across the front. It was tucked in a dark corner on the bottom floor and was very scary looking. I could only imagine guests of the 1920’s and 30’s going into that sauna.  
In Shopping for Murder,” I was inspired by a fabric store in the Great Bridge Shopping center in Chesapeake since the center is a staple in the community near the historic Battle of the Great Bridge. The center made a dynamic location with lots of options to create great characters and a murder.
Would you give us a description of your current WIP?

I recently submitted two short stories to be considered for publication, and I am working on a series about a virtual assistant in Virginia Beach who continues to stumble across dead bodies.

This is probably a no-brainer, but do you prefer beach or mountains, Teresa? 

I prefer both! I love the beach since I live near Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks but also love visiting the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia.


Jim Jackson said...

I’ve been impressed with how many bookstore signings y’all have garnered for the anthology. Is your secret the Virginia connection or something else?

~ Jim

Shari Randall said...

Hi Teresa, what a terrific concept and kudos to you for shepherding the project to completion. Above and beyond to have to negotiate with the commonwealth on the title (which is terrific) - Best wishes to you!

Warren Bull said...

I'm impressed by how you organized the chapter and the anthology. Well done.

KM Rockwood said...

How wonderful to "meet" someone who has given so much to the writing community! So many of us can't (or don't) organize for writers like you have done. The anthology was a great idea, and it sounds like all your hard work has made it a success. Good luck with your future endeavors (although it won't be luck, it'll be your hard work, which makes them succeed.)

E. B. Davis said...

I enjoyed the anthology, especially since I knew many of the landmarks where the stories were set. Teresa deserves much credit--for starting the chapter and initiating and promoting the anthology. Great cover!

Sarah Henning said...

Thanks for stopping by, Teresa! Great job with the anthology!

G.M. Malliet said...

Congratulations. Proud of your success.

Gloria Alden said...

What a lot of work you've done to create what is probably an excellent anthology, Teresa. I'll find out when I buy a copy at Malice. I assume they will be for sale there.

carla said...

The anthology has a very clever title. And you're right-they did a great cover. Hope you have many, many more!

Linda Rodriguez said...

Congratulations, Teresa! You've done an extraordinary job of organizing your chapter's anthology and are having well-deserved success for it.

Kara Cerise said...

What a great concept and title. Congratulations to all involved with the anthology.

Teresa, I smiled when I read that you explored areas not meant for guests while doing research for your story.

Teresa Inge said...

Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed coordinating the anthology!


Teresa Inge said...

I believe the secret is the Virginia connection! Readers love to read about places they've visited or want to visit!


Teresa Inge said...

Virginia is for Mysteries will be sold at Malice at well.