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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Interview with Author June Shaw

Deadly Ink nominated June Shaw’s first novel, Relative Danger, for their David Award for Best Mystery of the Year. After reading June’s books featuring amateur sleuth, Cealie Gunther, I wanted to interview June to find out if she planned to continue her series, how she assessed her publishing experience, and liked the life of a writer. June’s website can be found at http://juneshaw.com/index.html.

EBD: I read both of your books. When will the next book come out? Do you have a title or a working title yet?

JS: I’m so glad you read them, Elaine. DEADLY REUNION, the third book in the series, comes out in July. I can’t wait!

EBD: Your main character keeps running from a suitor. Why? What is Cealie’s back story?

JS: Widowed Cealie “thinks” she wants to avoid her hunky ex-lover so she can rediscover herself. But he opens Cajun restaurants wherever she travels, and she is so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.

EBD: Do events in your life end up in your books?

JS: Some events do end up in my books. I taught junior and senior high students, and much of Relative Danger takes place in a high school. I love visiting Gatlinburg, so Killer Cousins takes place there. At my last class reunion, I wondered what these former classmates were really like now and decided I’d have to write about a class reunion in a mystery. I also love to cruise, so my upcoming book is set on a cruise ship in Alaska. (Research sure was tough: )

EBD: Author Kaye George remarked that she can’t use where she lives as a setting for her books. You changed your setting in both novels. Why?

JS: My main character, Cealie, travels a lot. I need to go with her and see what trouble she gets into. Then I have to help her get out of it.

EBD: You feature Cajun food in your books. Are you of Cajun descent? Do you cook and like Cajun food?

JS: Yes, I’ve always lived in Cajun country. My mother and her mother spoke French. I love Cajun food. My squeeze Bob is a terrific cook. I like to cook if I have nothing else to do—but when does that happen?

EBD: Five Star published your first two novels. Will you continue with them?

JS: Yes, Five Star is great. They will publish the next book in my series. Harlequin bought reprint rights for one of my books. They are great, too.

EBD: Five Star targets libraries. Do you think gaining readership, especially at the beginning of your career as a novelist, through libraries was advantageous?

JS: It is important. Libraries buy mainly hardcover books, which Five Star publishes.

EBD: As I understand, (correct me if I’m wrong) Five Star only publishes print books. Since eBooks are gaining in sales, have you published your books at the electronic venues?

JS: Relative Danger is available as an e-book. Killer Cousins will come out that way next.

EBD: Why would a publisher not want electronic rights?

JS: I imagine Five Star found its niche and does not want to spend the time on fewer electronic sales, but I’m not certain.

EBD: If you were unpublished in today’s market, how would you go about getting published? Would you consider self-publishing?

JS: I would query and try to meet agents first. There are also some publishers that writers can query themselves. I would have to learn more about self-publishing before I’d decide.

EBD: What is your marketing plan for the next book?

JS: I hope to flood as many markets as possible with information about my upcoming book, DEADLY REUNION. Since it takes place on a cruise ship, I will try to get magazines geared toward cruises to write about it. I’ll give talks at many places, guest blog, and contact lots of libraries.

Thank you for inviting me. All my best, June

Thank you for joining us. June. We’ll be on the lookout for DEADLY REUNION, which is due for release this July. Maybe June will come back this summer for another visit on WWK.


Warren Bull said...

Thank you, June. I know the research must have been tough but somebody had to do it.

E. B. Davis said...

Yes, the first novel I wrote that I queried to agents featured a main character who was a travel writer. I had visions of writing off travel expenses to glamorous places. Alas-no agent made a play for my book. However, now that my setting is the Outer Banks, new possibilies occur on that front. Of course, I have to sell the book.

June's idea of having new settings for each book is a great idea. I probably would have opted for someplace warm!

Pauline Alldred said...

Great to hear your series is succeeding. I think a changed setting is a wonderful idea to keep each book fresh despite having the same main characters. The research must be grueling but can you write any of it off in your tax returns?

Ramona said...

Hi June! I love the description of your character being so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.

I see you have a book signing in Thibodaux soon. I'm from the Lockport-Larose area. Are we related?

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Yay, June! I remember when this book was just a gleam in your eye--such fun to see it come to life!


Dee Hendershot Gatrell said...

June, I enjoy your writing. Love the older characters. Look forward to reading your new book when it comes out.

Donnell Ann Bell said...

June, love Cajun cooking and older characters. They add a richness to books. Congratulations! So do you like to go on cruises? I've never been.

Carol L.Wright said...

It's an excellent way avoid the "Cabot Cove" problem--more bodies than residents--by changing your setting each time. Smart choice. Also, glad to read that you're coming out with e-books. Best of luck.

Ellis Vidler said...

Nice interview, Elaine and June. The idea of traveling for research appeals to me. I love different settings and reading about new places. Do you have many other destinations in mind?
One more thing I have to ask--how you pronounce your character's name, Cealie? And are you asked this often?

June Shaw said...


You are so right. Tough research, but I do what I have to do: )

June Shaw said...


I live some place warm -- south Louisiana, so I set my first three books in Chicago, Gatlinberg, and Alaska, all great places to visit.

June Shaw said...


Yep, I've gotta take off all of the travel on taxes -- like the Alaskan cruise, where I spoke with the doctor and head chef to learn how murders and others things I wanted to know took place. It was tough.

June Shaw said...


So nice to meet you. And you're from down the bayou. Then we must be related, right?

June Shaw said...


Thank you so much! It's been great seeing this series come to life. So glad you've been around to help inspire me!

June Shaw said...

Thanks so much, Dee. Deadly Reunion, the third book in my series, comes out in July. Can't wait! And thanks so much for your help on my book about Mom.

June Shaw said...


I LOVE going on cruises. My squeeze and I go on lots of them. I enjoy snorkeling in various places, but just being on the ship is great. You're waited on and watch Vegas-type shows and lots lots more. Girl, you need to cruise.

Oh, and twice crew members sent champagne to my cabin. Fun!

June Shaw said...

Carol, thanks, and thanks for your help!

Relative Dangerm, first book in my series, is out on Kindle and other e-readers now.

June Shaw said...

C-Lee, Ellis. Actually only one other person asked me how to pronounce Cealie. I'd never heard the name or her last name either. Don't know where they came from. So glad you enjoyed the intereview.

I do have ideas for where the next book will take place but might have to travel there again first. This is so tough, you know: )