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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

In This Season of Thanks

by Paula Gail Benson

WWKers and Guests at Malice Domestic 2014
As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m reminded of all the reasons I enjoy participating in WWK. Photos of some appear to the left of this message. A few of us have met only online, but though peer review, we spend a lot of time conversing. Here are my grateful thoughts about my blogging partners:

Gloria Alden -- I met Gloria Alden in Authors’ Alley at Malice Domestic. She spoke about her first Catherine Jewell Mystery, The Blue Rose, and I immediately found her endearing. I could imagine how she inspired many third graders. Her blog messages about her adventures always have me wanting to tag along. She is a wonderful, caring friend and mentor.

Warren Bull -- Warren and I connected at Killer Nashville and Murder in the Magic City. I admire his depth of historical knowledge and quick wit. His short stories are wonderfully crafted. I read them for pleasure and to learn about writing well. A few hours with a Warren Bull anthology is time well-spent. His reviews of novels always have me adding to my TBR list. 

Kait Carson -- Kait’s boundless enthusiasm for exploration overflows into her writing. She’s lived an extraordinary life and she uses that experience to good advantage in her fiction. Her ability to turn real estate transactions into thrillers is astonishing to me. Her joy for living is beautifully abundant.

Carla Damron -- I view Carla as a true role model in her advocacy and writing. She cares deeply about respect for humans and animals and is a steady, reliable rock for friends, family, and four legged creatures. (Except, maybe not those alligators who showed up in the lake beside her home.) And, she’s expert at seeing potential murder weapons. (I’ve been accused of having the same skill, but compared to Carla, I’m a rank amateur.)

E.B. Davis -- Elaine got me started with WWK and in leadership roles in The Guppy Chapter of Sisters in Crime (the Guppies). She’s encouraged and helped me to refine my short story writing. In the future, I hope I can cultivate her beach bum existence, even if it’s only for a short time period each year. When I read about her experiences on the North Carolina coast, I feel like I’m there. She has a great ability for weaving paranormal with law enforcement procedure in her writing. Her work is solid and her friendship enduring. 

Margaret Hamilton -- Margaret and I met online through the Guppies short story critique group and face-to-face in her city at the New Orleans’ Bouchercon. I thoroughly enjoy returning there vicariously by seeing the pictures she posts on Facebook. Her short stories are first rate, and I appreciate all the kindness she has shown in helping me with mine.

James Montgomery Jackson -- I’m just writing out Jim’s full name, not using it as his mother might. Jim’s attitude about life is so refreshing. He is direct, effective, and sincerely committed to the tasks, writing, and life he’s chosen. His photos of travels and nature are fascinating. He’s the first male President of the Guppies and he’s not reluctant to wear the boa proudly. Jim and I have participated on panels together. I always enjoy hearing his thoughtful presentations. And, I’m impressed that he really understands math.

Shari Randall -- We former librarians have to stick together, don’t we, girlfriend? Shari is just infectious. I adore her short stories, particularly “Disco Donna,” and can’t wait to read her novels. Whether she’s talking about the latest in children’s lit or a new thriller, I want to know her opinion. And, follow her travel footsteps. I always find a hint of wonder in Shari’s messages. She delights in discovery. Shari, may you find fulltime writing as rewarding as time spent as a librarian. And, please, eat some lobster for me.

K.M. Rockwood -- Kathleen’s writing and career path amaze me. She knows the background of her stories from first-hand experience as a laborer, teacher, and supervisor of prison work crews. She writes from a male perspective -- spare, but with authority, and easily expresses complex concepts in a way that doesn’t take the reader out of the story. After losing a publisher, she found another to continue her series. Like her protagonist, she’s strong and resilient.

Linda Rodriguez -- Because I’m so in awe of Linda’s intellect, resourcefulness, and creativity, I value every compliment she pays me. To have the opportunity to talk with her and her husband Ben at Bouchercon in New Orleans was a marvelous experience. I’ve learned so much from her about respect, empathy, understanding, integrity, and perseverance. And, she writes poetry as well as prose. A very gifted individual.

Julie Tollefson -- Julie lives in a part of the country I’ve never seen. Reading her messages and seeing her pictures from Kansas make me want to visit. I truly appreciate the careful attention Julie gives in the peer review process. From her journalistic work, she’s developed a clarity of expression that she effortlessly passes on to help each of us. I’m delighted that her stories have appeared in one of the Guppies anthologies and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. And, proud to call her colleague.

Grace Topping -- Grace and I seem to have the same travel taste. I just wish we’d get to those places more often together! I’m always glad to see her at Malice Domestic and I’m thrilled that she’s taken on part of the WWK interviews. Her own writing is decisive and evocative. No wonder she’s a home stager. She knows the importance of well-placed details.

Tina Whittle -- I don’t know Tina well, but from all my experience with her, I think she must be a writer’s writer. She participates in at least three other blogs besides WWK and is a member of two Georgia chapters of Sisters in Crime, in Atlanta and Savannah. Her interests, including golf, sushi, and tarot cards, are diverse. On Twitter, she shares information about Krispy Kreme and other donut varieties. She definitely has my attention!
Hank Phillippi Ryan with Sam Morton
I can’t end without remembering a colleague who won’t be physically present to celebrate Thanksgiving, but whose influence we’re likely to remember in some light-hearted moment. Sam Morton, a regular WWK blogger, passed away on April 1, but I still sense his being near. It’s harder for us without you, Sam, but we’ll always love you and be grateful for you.

Thanks for letting me take the time to express my appreciation. Feel free to chime in with further accolades in the comments.

Who are you thankful for and what do you know about these guys that I didn’t mention?


Jim Jackson said...

For those who don’t know, my mother uses my complete name when I am in really, really, bad trouble.

Paula is a networker extraordinaire. Through her efforts I have been invited to conferences, made presentations at Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America chapters, and sold books to folks who would not have otherwise heard of me. Thanks, Paula.

Margaret Turkevich said...

Great to meet you at B'Con. Thanks to you all for your critiques and encouragement.

Grace Topping said...

How lovely of you to write about all of us, Paula. I am also thankful for the opportunities we've had to get together and hope that we'll have many more opportunities. Your infectious smile helps brighten any gathering. And thank you for all your contributions to WWK.

Art Taylor said...

A great column! And happy Thanksgiving to all.

KM Rockwood said...

Thanks, Paula!

A good reminder of how much we mean to each other and how we support one another.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Warren Bull said...

Thank you for those kind words.

Gloria Alden said...

Paula, I was so touched by this. I know I consider the members of this blog to be friends even those I haven't met in person. Here's hoping that more and more of them will come to Malice so we can have dinner together again. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Shari Randall said...

Hi girlfriend! Paula, this was just lovely, and so you - kind, thoughtful, warm hearted. You make me think of that wonderful quote from Charlotte's Web: "It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both." I'll amend that to Paula was both.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Paula Gail Benson said...

Thank you, Jim, Margaret, Grace, Art, Kathleen, Warren, Gloria, and Shari, for all your kind words. Being a part of Writers Who Kill has had so many positive influences on my writing and personal life. I truly am grateful for all these friends and all the wonderful people who take time to read our messages. I hope you all will have a delightful Thanksgiving!

Kait Carson said...

Thank you Paula. And I'm thankful for you. You are an amazing writer and an inspiration. Looking forward to meeting you one day. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Julie Tollefson said...

Paula - Thank you so much for this lovely message. Happy Thanksgiving!

E. B. Davis said...

Sorry for getting here late. Thank you Paula for your input on my short stories. (I'm finalizing this year's holiday story as I type this.) I know you and I have been too busy this year. I haven't read any of your work, nor you, mine. Real life intrusion is bothersome. We are expecting three guests to our home--here for the holidays. It's been a race to finish our family room addition, but we did it! Now onto my office and storage/walk-in closet, which we may finish by Christmas--my real treat because I don't write without solitude.

I hope everyone takes Thanksgiving Day off for celebrating with friends and family. Over the weekend we are planning a bonfire. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Elaine (E. B. Davis)