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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Events without a Scientific Explanation

Belief in ghosts, witches, vampires and zombies has waned from early years since science has debunked most of those beliefs. Although there are still people who claim to be mediums able to connect with those who have died, most have been debunked as charlatans. Most people wish they could hear from a departed loved one, so unfortunately there are always those who prey on grieving people.

After reading Kaye George's post about the little boy who could read minds, I thought about events in my life that has made me a believer in things beyond scientific explanations. The first happened after both of my grandparents had died and an uncle of mine and his son-in-law were fixing up the house so my cousin, Linda, and her husband could move into it. My uncle had left and my cousin's husband was cleaning up when he heard someone shout "Hey!" It came from the area of the basement stairs. He knew no one could be down there and left in a hurry. When he told his wife and imitated the shout, Linda immediately recognized it as our grandfather's voice. Her husband had never met him. Soon after they moved into the house, she went into labor with her second child and her mother came over to stay with the older child, still a toddler. When the child started fussing, my aunt woke up and lay there listening wondering if she'd go back to sleep. As she was lying there, she heard the back door open and close and footsteps in the kitchen. She immediately sat up and called out asking her son-in-law what her daughter had, boy or girl. There was no answer so she went to check. No one was there. Aunt Millie was not someone who was fearful or who would  have imagined something like that.

After my son died, his brother saw him standing beside our bed where he was resting one Sunday afternoon. John didn't speak and just smiled at him. Joey turned over and then turned back and John was still there smiling before he gradually disappeared. I had a dream in which John sat up and I exclaimed, "John, you're alive!" Then I asked him what Heaven was like. With much enthusiasm he told me it was wonderful. He was going on a train up into the mountains. Even though I believed it was a message from John, I didn't tell anyone because I didn't think anyone would believe it was more than a dream. However, the following summer my niece, Maria, was at a 4H camp when one night in the cabin, she talked about her cousin, John, who had died the past fall of cancer. Another girl spoke of a boy she'd met at the Cleveland Clinic and dated briefly the summer before. When she found out the previous fall that he'd died. Soon they realized they were speaking of the same boy. She told Maria of getting a phone call in her dream the night she'd heard he'd died. It was from John, and he told her the same thing he'd told me about the trip up into the mountains on a train. We hadn't communicated our dreams at all, nor did my niece know of mine. It wasn't until months later that I learned about this from her.

In 1989 I bought an old farm house that needed major repairs to make it livable. The elderly man, Chick Needler, who owned it before me had lived there 50 years and had died two years before I bought it. While my son and another man were working in the basement one night, both heard footsteps on the first floor. When they went upstairs to check, no one was there. After I moved in, out of the corner of my eye, I'd see shadows. I never mentioned it to my daughter, Mary, because I knew it would scare her. Besides I thought it was probably just my imagination. But one morning when she was eating breakfast at the kitchen table, she saw at the bottom of the steps in the room adjacent to the kitchen, a white form with a black line where a belt would be. It gradually faded away. After that time, she had two more experiences while lying on the living room couch half asleep in which she distinctly heard a man talking to another man in the place where the back door would have been before my son moved it. They were talking about tractor repair or something like that. Another time she heard someone riding a horse with a creaking saddle through the living room. Both times she was in that semi-sleep state where she was aware of the TV and traffic going down the road. Chick Needler had palomino horses; one that was quite famous.

Still not convinced? Fast forward to 1990. My mother had open heart surgery and died the following afternoon at 3:00 while most of my siblings and I were with her. When we called our Seattle sister to tell her mom had died, she asked what time it had happened. When she was told, she said that was when her watch had stopped. Coincidentally, my son had also died at three o'clock in the afternoon almost ten years before.

In the summer of 1993, I was on vacation in New England with two sisters. We were having a great time traveling up the coast through Massachusetts and Maine camping most of the time. One evening an overwhelming sadness came over me. I sat by the campfire and the tears wouldn't stop. Next day we went to Acadia National Park to play in the tide pools, something I love to do. Still the sadness wouldn't leave me. One sister suggested I call home. I called my son's house and my ex answered and said they'd had the Maine State Highway Patrol trying to find us. My six year old granddaughter had fallen out of a tree and was life-flighted to a Pittsburgh hospital after going into convulsions during an x-ray. She was now in a coma. Unknown to anyone, she'd had a brain tumor that ruptured. Her mother, my daughter Susan, had been crying for me. My sisters took me to the nearest airport, and I flew to Pittsburgh to be with my daughter and granddaughter.

Am I a psychic? No. Do I believe in any form of witchcraft? No. But I can't explain the above events in any scientific way. As for Chick, I think he's moved on. At least I don't think anyone but my dog and cats are habitating my house with me. Well, except for an occasional wild critter.

How about you? Have you had any unexplained supernatural events in your life?


Alyx Morgan said...

I absolutely believe in ghosts, ESP & witchcraft. I've even had two experiences in astral projection, though neither were planned, so they freaked me out a little.

As a kid, I was often able to guess whatever number my mom was thinking about 9 out of 10 times, & the tenth time I was only one number away.

So yes, I really do believe.

Gloria Alden said...

Interesting, Alyx. When you get back from your honeymoon, you'll have to tell me more about this.

E. B. Davis said...

I believe, too, Gloria. I wrote a blog about my experiences two years ago. If you want to read about them, here is the link: http://writerswhokill.blogspot.com/2010/10/things-that-go-bump-in-night.html

Sue, your loving daughter said...

You made me cry again!! I remember sitting in that hospital in Pittsburgh, wanting my mommy. My daughter has come to me a few times in my dreams. And I do believe, that she lives on, through me and my kids.

Gloria Alden said...

E.B. later after I get back from delivering Mobile Meals I'll have to go there and check it out.

Susan, I believe the same thing. It hasn't been easy for you, but at least you have two very special kids now.

Jim Jackson said...

Never had a ghost experience (at least that I recognized). However, in high school I went to a Spiritualist Church several times. It's similar to a traditional church service except that instead of a homily the medium passes messages to the congregation from those who have passed.

I was (and am) skeptical, but the third time I went the medium said she had a message for me from someone who I had never met, but who was interested in me. She then went to describe in some detail a man.

When I described this to my family over Sunday dinner, my mother said the person had described her father (who died when she was 12) very accurately.

~ Jim

Warren Bull said...

I once met a Sociologist who studied psychic and was told she had the ability herself. I was skeptical but she told me several things about myself that she should not have known.

Gloria Alden said...

Interesting, Jim. My friend and I went to some psychic person who was teaching a non credit class on topic of that ilk at a local community college. I figured she was a fake when she read my palm and said I had no kids - I had 4. Then she said it was because they weren't important in my life.

It kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it, Warren. I'm thinking of Kaye's blog about a little boy, who seemed to read minds or know things.

Kara Cerise said...

When I was a child I had the ability to know what would happen before it actually happened. I think the term is precognition. When my mom had to tell me bad news she’d sigh then say, “But you probably already knew that.” And I did. However, it was a terrible feeling to know, for instance, that my sister was going to get into a bad car accident a week before it happened. No matter what I did I couldn’t prevent an event from happening. Now that I’m older I’ve mostly lost the precognition but sometimes I find myself walking to the phone to answer it before it starts ringing.

Gloria Alden said...

Kara, I wonder if children are more likely to have those special powers, something that's lost as they get older. I don't think I did, but I'm thinking of the little boy Kaye George talked about on her blog the other day. I agree with you that it would be an uncomfortable ability to have. Did your sister know in advance what you knew? I don't know a phone is going to ring before it does, but often the one I've been thinking about recently is on the other end.

Patg said...

It still surprises me how often I think of someone and next day or so I hear from them or get emails about them. This kind of stuff just makes me believe in the vastly more capability of the human brain.

Gloria Alden said...

I agree, Pat, there was some general discussion along that line at book club last night, too. Also, an 8th grade teacher worried that kids weren't reading books and didn't seem to be interested in reading. It was all about what was short and quick.

Jim Jackson said...

The problem with the perception that a connection exists because we think of someone and then they call or write is this:

We have selective memories -- and we tend to remember the unusual much more than the unusual. We don't remember all the times we think of Suzy Q and never hear from her; but we do remember and give great store in the times it did happen.

Not to say that's proof to the contrary, because it isn't. But using such examples as proof should probably be left to the politicians, who routinely take a specific example of something happening to prove their political agenda.

~ Jim

Gloria Alden said...

I totally agree with that, Jim. It's the same when the phone rings and I guess who is on the other end. I can often guess accurately because of the time of the day. Of course, with all the politcal calls right now, it's harder to do.

Judy Hogan said...

Gloria, I haven't had ghostly experiences, but I've had misfortunes that were very convenient, like my tire going flat in my driveway, etc. I call it accident-unlikely. I enjoyed your piece. There must be some form of psychic communication. Mysterious. Judy Hogan

Gloria Alden said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Judy. I know how much trouble you have leaving a message with those tricky letters and hard to see numbers. There is a lot in life that is mysterious. A woman, who was a Seascape with me, just emailed me. I hadn't heard from her in over a month. What was strange about it is that I had just finished sorting through all the little bits of paper that had piled up on my desk with notes and emails, etc. The last thing I copied down in a little tablet where I was writing the things I wanted to keep was her email address. When I finished, I booted up my computer, went to my emails and there was a long email from her. Coincidence maybe.

Krista said...

Wow, Gloria! You've had quite some experiences. I always try to come up with a rational explanation for things but sometimes, it's just impossible!

~ Krista