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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am a writer. I write poetry and mysteries. Although I've been writing for thirty years - not counting my teen years - I've only recently started calling myself a writer. Before that I labeled myself wife, mother, Girl Scout leader, teacher, etc. etc. but not a writer.

I first had something published the year I started college as a non-traditional student. My first English professor encouraged me to submit an essay I'd written in class to ICON, a Trumbull Campus literary magazine of Kent State University. It was an emotional piece, "Saying Good-bye" about the death of my eighteen year old son with cancer the year before. I received many positive comments about it which only encouraged me to start submitting poetry. From then until I graduated,I had at least one if not more poems in each issue of ICON, but I still did not call myself a writer.

Except for my first semester when I was unsure how I'd do in college after being out of school for so long, I always took extra classes - almost all literature, poetry or writing classes. I was that odd student who loved writing; term papers, poetry, research papers, whatever. It was something I enjoyed, but to me it didn't necessarily mean I was a writer.

When I graduated, I became a third grade teacher. I loved it, but missed the academic life so I went on to get a Masters. Fortunately at that time, I was able to get it in English and didn't have to pursue something relating to elementary education. Again I was in my element; reading, researching and writing. I'm still not sure how I did it because as a teacher, I always went above and beyond what was necessary. Probably on very little sleep. In those years I was a teacher, and that was the only way I saw myself; not as a writer.

Sometime after I got my Masters, I started my first book, a cozy mystery with a gardening theme since gardening is one of my other passions. I'd planned to write a mystery for some years, but I procrastinated until my sister, Elaine, came up with the idea that we should write a book together. We worked on it together in the beginning. However, since we don't live near each other, before long I took over the writing. It took several years, but I finished it. Since it wasn't published, I still didn't consider myself a writer.

Off and on for the next ten years or so, I sent out query letters and with each rejection, I stopped sending out those query letters for several months or longer before starting up again. But I didn't stop writing. I finished a second book in the series, a middle-grade mystery, and I'm almost finished with the third book in this series, and have lots of ideas for more books. I still hated to call myself a writer, though, because if I said that to anyone, they'd ask me what I'd published, and except for poetry over the years, I didn't have anything else published.

I entered the competition for the Guppy anthology FISH TALES, and was so excited when my short story "The Professor's Books" was accepted. Then in 2010 I entered the Love is Murder short story contest and won it for my short story "Cheating on Your Husband Can Get You Killed." I was recognized at the conference in 2011 and received my payment of 5 copies of Crimespree Magazine with my short story in it. Still I didn't think to call myself a writer. It wasn't until FISH TALES finally came out in the spring of 2011, and some of the previously unpublished Guppies started claiming that now they could consider themselves a writer, that I thought, "Oh, yeah! I am a writer." And it hit home even more when I was offered to become a member of the Writers Who Kill blog. A well-established blog with a following wanted me to be a part of their group. Now how exciting is that! Other writers consider me a writer , too.

It doesn't matter if my book, my baby, is not published yet. It will be even if I have to self-publish. THE BLUE ROSE and my other books will be published, and someday I'll be sitting at a table signing my books for readers because I am a writer.


Warren Bull said...

Yes, Gloria, there is a writer in your house, and you are it. I think part of the writing life is that we rarely get external validation for our efforts. We have to reward ourselves and recognize our own achievements. As great as it feels to reach a goal, writers are those who write and continue to write through the long days/weeks/months/years while we hone our skills and hold onto our dreams.

Patg said...

And very good luck in your journey. Look forward to seeing you get your writing published.

Judy Hogan said...

Good first post, Gloria. It took me years, too, to say I was a writer, even though I wrote all the time. It makes a difference for sure when you are published. Congrats on joining Writers Who Kill. Let's hear more. Judy Hogan

E. B. Davis said...

I wasn't yet published when I posted my first blog on WWK. But then, a month later my first short story was published. I had felt like a poser. Good thing that feeling passed quickly. Welcome to WWK, Gloria.

Gloria Alden said...

Thanks for the support and validation of me as a writer. It's hard for nonwriters to understand and appreciate the work and angst that goes into writing and the feeling of satisfaction one gets from writing. But to be honest, I wouldn't have understood, either, back in the days before I went down this path.

Casey said...

You ARE a writer, Gloria, and being published or not being published has nothing to do with it. Writers are the ones who sit themselves down in front of computer or typewriter or tablet, and put words together to tell stories and communicate. The non-writers are the ones who try, realize it's a heck of a lot of work, and give up.

Gloria Alden said...

You're right, Casey. I have an occasional handyman, who is convinced he could write a book, but he's afraid to because he'd have so many people, who would want to do him in if he exposed them. He is full of conspiracy theories. A good character to use in a future book, right????

Ann G said...

Gloria, you are a poet, a short story writer, a novelist and now a blogger! I was thrilled when I was skimming Google Reader today and saw your first post here.

Keep on writing, and I for one will keep on reading.


Unknown said...

The Hazards of Sisterhood with Mystery Writers

I’m not sure when my sister became a mystery writer as I’m not much of a mystery reader except that I have read every Jane Langton book and reread many of them. Gloria introduced me to Jane Langton and that’s just one of many joyous parts of sisterhood. Jane Langton has brought me hours of enjoyment. a richer imagination, and humorous compassion for the human condition. I might add that besides an introduction to Jane Langton, Gloria has offered the same in countless times together.

The hazardous part entails Gloria’s “rich descriptions of planned murders” described to me so enthusiastically they are overheard by complete strangers. Using my name in vain as a character in her books is yet another hazard but this one is of exposure. Fortunately, I’ve not been made a perpetrator , yet and she’s ascribed fairly honorable characteristics to me so far.

Yes Gloria, you are a writer. I’ve read your poems, your mysteries and countless letters. You write with enthusiasm, whimsy, compassion, heartache, and beauty. Your mysteries intrigue often with an imaginative twist. Sisterhood can always handle the hazards.

Pauline Alldred said...

Hi Gloria, Writer. Publication is recognition and makes a person feel good for a short time. But writing takes forever to learn so practice counts and you have certainly done your share of that. I look forward to reading your future blogs and publications.

Gloria Alden said...

Thank you, Ann. It's so good to hear validation for what I'm finally believing I am.

Gloria Alden said...

Thank you, Catherine. It's because I admire my baby sister, the botanist, so much that I gave my protagonist your name. You can take a little blame, maybe, for the murders in my current WIP in which I'm murdering the Ladies of the Garden Club with poisonous plants. I've included one brother in my books,also, but still have two sisters and another brother to go. Got any ideas there?

Gloria Alden said...

Thank you, Pauline. I've enjoyed reading your blogs, too, and hope some day you'll find time to do some guest blogging. I'm also hoping to soon being reading a book with your name on it.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Gloria, you are very definitely a writer! Isn't it funny how we wait for other people to give us permission to live our dreams?

I'm so glad you're joining Writers Who Kill with Alyx and me. That way none of us has to be the lone novice. Here's to many more publications for you!

Alyx Morgan said...

I'm so glad you finally accept your fate, Gloria! ;o) You've obviously been a writer for years, but it's nice to see you getting recognition from yourself, as well as others.

I'm so glad to be a new blogger with you here. It looks like we're in great company!

Gloria Alden said...

Thank you Linda and Alyx.I'm glad to be one of the new, if more inexperienced, bloggers with you two, also. I'm so looking forward to getting to know everyone in this group better which is often done through blogging.

Irma said...

Congrats, Gloria, on becoming a blogger! It's another milestone on your writing journey!