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Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Gossip

Photo of The Three Gossips at Arches National park by Sanjay Acharys

It should come of no surprise, given the popularity of facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social media, that gossip fills a real need.  Gossip does not have to be based in anger or envy, although it often is. 

Sharing about job issues, health or family concerns can evoke support, concern or knowledge.  I have talked to a number of people recently diagnosed with cancer about my experiences with myeloma treatment.  My advice? If you don’t have cancer, I heartily suggest you avoid it.
I’ve learned about other people’s problems through positive gossip. Occasionally, I was able to help.  I have also learned about achievements and been able to offer congratulations.  People have helped me after they learned of my problems.

The local writing community is one place to share positive information about publications, awards, contracts and agents.  I know the working title of the book Sally Goldenbaum is working on now. (BOOK 8, but keep it to yourself.) I know when Linda Rodriguez’s next book, Every Broken Trust, will be released, May7, 2013 and Sally Goldenbaum’s next Seaside Knitters novel Angora Alibi, will be released the very same day.  Don’t keep that to yourself; pre-order both of them at Mysteryscape bookstore in Overland Park, Kansas.

I learned that Diana Reese was interviewed on CNN live.  Of course it would have been hard to interview her if she were dead.)

I’ve learned that Suzane Arruda has completed a seventh Jade del Cameron 

Adventure/Mystery novel; a series well worth reading if you haven’t yet. I know that Juliette

Kincaid has been successfully writing short stories.

Do you have any gossip you’d like to share from your corner of the writing?


James Montgomery Jackson said...

I agree, Warren. The writing community (at least my corner of it) is remarkably free of negative gossip and full of support.

~ Jim

E. B. Davis said...

I'm left behind on gossip--it either goes in one ear and out the other--or I don't understand the significance of gossip. I think that is a skill I'm lacking and it sure doesn't help when trying to network. I wish I were better at it because lacking that trait I always feel like an outsider.

Warren Bull said...

James, You and I are fortunate.

Warren Bull said...

EB, Gossip does identify the user as a member of a particular group.

Gloria Alden said...

Good gossip that doesn't hurt if part of our social network, but malicious gossip always upsets me. Fortunately, I don't often come across that kind.

Gossip works well in a mystery book. Having characters who like to gossip helps the plot along, I think. At least it gives clues or red herrings to misdirect the reader.

Warren Bull said...

Gloria, Luckily, most writing environments don't generate much malicious gossip.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Warren, you are always the master of good gossip!

E.B., I think people some good people are so turned off by the negative kind of gossip (which I hate and refuse to listen to) that they close themselves off to good gossip. However, in a profession, good gossip is vital. A writer friend tells me that her excellent series of books is being dropped for lack of sales by her publisher if this book doesn't sell better. I can blog about her really outstanding books and write about them on Facebook and suggest to friends that they have her guest blog. Perhaps by raising public awareness of her books and their quality, she will sell more and not have to seek a new publisher.

That's just one example of how good gossip can be useful. If someone's editor is looking for a particular kind of book and that someone mentions it in a private discussion with other writers, one may have a project like the editor wants and make a sale from it. Or if someone gets a lower advance and is thinking she's a failure or her book isn't good, to hear from a more experienced writer that pretty much all advances have dropped gives her some perspective on an industry-wide problem.

If you're coming to Malice, we'll get together and get in on some discussions loaded with good gossip, okay? Part of the trick is to know which people just gossip and which gossip in a good way about important professional info.

I miss you lovely folks!

Paula Gail Benson said...

Warren, I like your post, for the info it conveys and the conversation it generates! Linda and E.B., may I get in on your good gossip session at Malice?

E. B. Davis said...

We miss you too, Linda, and yes, I'll be at Malice and I will remind you!

Anita Page said...

Warren, I once worked with someone who specialized in negative gossip, probably because of her own feelings of insecurity. As people caught on, they avoided her,which added to her insecurity--a sad cycle. Hmmm--not a bad idea for a story character.

Hope to meet some of you at Malice, my first.