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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Writer Asks a Favor by Carla Damron

Hey, y’all. All of the focus has been on the presidential election coming up. However, there is another campaign that I feel is just as important, one in which I'm on the ballot. So I'm asking you to please put aside your interest in Hilary and Donald and cast you vote in another very important election.

I’ve been nominated to Jasper Magazine’s literary artist of the year! Voting is very easy to do. Anyone, anywhere can simply go here and cast your ballot:

My competition is two terrific poets: Ray McManus and Len Lawson. You know those poet types. Smart, maybe even brilliant. Their writing is lean and strong and pulls you right in. They can make their point in a few lines—while it took 300+ pages for me to make mine! But still, I hope you’ll vote for me.

Or Ray. He’s terrific. A very nice guy, too. Funny. Classy in a Converse-sneakers-with-bright-blue-laces sort of way.  Or Len—I haven’t met him, but I heard him read once and if I’d been wearing socks he’d have knocked them right off of me.

Poets. Damn.

I should never be in the same contest with poets! Put me in a contest with other novel writers—or, even better—BAD NOVEL WRITERS.  You know, that author who wrote a novel, never revised or edited it, only showed it to their mom who said it was “amazing” so they immediately self-pubbed on Amazon. That’s a contest I might win! But then, we all know self-published work that turned out to be phenomenal. I do NOT want to be in a contest with that writer. Maybe I want to be in a contest with a bad romance writer—but probably not, because they might have a ton of fans anxious to cast ballot after ballot.

I’ll be honest: this contest thing is a bit stressful. I hate pestering people and asking them to vote. We’ll find out the winner at an awards reception in December, and I picture myself standing in the crowd, heart racing, perspiration dripping from my face, wondering if what I wore looks okay as I wait for them to read the name of the winner.  I’ll practice a conciliatory smile so when they announce Len or Ray, I’ll clap, and nod, and look just like Sigourney Weaver or Amy Adams when they didn’t win the Oscar (only I won’t be as beautiful).  Yeah. That’s gonna be fun.

Everyone says it’s an honor to be nominated, and oddly, I find that to be true. Somebody cared enough to write a submission about me.  I got to attend a photo-shoot and have my picture taken a hundred times like I was someone famous. I’ve received emails from people who read The Stone Necklace and let me know they had cast their ballot.  So if I don’t win, at least I have that.
And really, isn’t that enough? Do I NEED to actually win the contest?

Nope. But I want to. So please vote! Vote for me!!

(Or Ray. Or Len. Seriously, those guys are great.)


Kait said...

Fingers crossed, Carla. I voted!

Jim Jackson said...

So wonderful that you are in the top three. Best of luck. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you.

Grace Topping said...

Yes, it certainly is an honor to be nominated. But even better to win. Fingers crossed for you.

Love this post.

Margaret Turkevich said...

I voted. Good luck!

Carla Damron said...

Thanks for your support! Much easier than current political election, isn't it???

Gloria Alden said...

Carla, I clicked on the link and went through everything, but only got you already voted even after going to the magazine, the project and the blog, etc. Can you give me more directions on where and how to vote, or did others clicking on this already mess up my chances?

Warren Bull said...

Good luck!

KM Rockwood said...

My votes in! Much more fun than the other election news going on.

Shari Randall said...

I voted! I'm with KM - this election is WAY more fun than that other one. No matter how the election goes, it is wonderful that you've been recognized for your excellent work. Keep us posted.

LD Masterson said...

Yes, it's an honor to be nominated. Yup, the whole contest routine is very stressful. And of course, you want to win. It would be silly if you didn't.

So I voted for you.