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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

L. L. Bartlett Interview

“The motive for the murder was up for grabs. Revenge, retaliation,
perhaps he’d also stolen candy from a baby…”
L. L. Bartlett (p. 53, Dark Waters)

Some authors are more prolific than others. Lorraine Bartlett proves her prolificacy by writing four series. Berkley Prime Crime publishes two of Lorraine’s cozy series, The Booktown Mystery Series, sales for which have placed it on the bestselling list, written under the pseudonym Lorna Barrett and the Victory Square Series written under her real name, Lorraine Bartlett. She also writes an adventure-fantasy series, The Tales of Telenia. Although I love cozies and fantasy, the series that attracts me the most is her Jeff Resnick series. He’s an unforgettable character, and his story is not cozy.

Please Welcome Lorraine to WWK.                                  E. B. Davis

Please give our readers a series synopsis, if you would.

Jeff Resnick was viciously mugged by a couple of street thugs; broke and needing a place to recover, he is taken in by his estranged older half-brother, physician Richard Alpert. Soon after, Jeff is assailed by visions that lead him to investigate the death of a local banker. He not only has to prove to Richard that these visions are real, but to himself as well. It’s his skills as a trained investigator that lead him to the murderer.

Is Jeff’s character based on a real crime victim?

No. As a former insurance investigator, Jeff uses skills he acquired in that job and combines them with his new found sixth-sense, but it comes at a personal cost.

Do you think great talent requires great sacrifice?

I sure hope not. : ) Jeff has always been a tortured soul. In fact, it takes his psychic mentor to remind him that he always had a sort of latent psychic talent, but he not only didn’t recognize it—he wouldn’t have believed it if he had.

Jeff and his half-brother Richard lived together for a while in their younger years. Will readers find out about these years?

After their mother’s death, Richard became fourteen-year old Jeff’s legal guardian, and he went to live with him at Richard’s grandparents’ home. He was there for the better part of four years. I’m currently working on a collection that chronicles those years. It’s called Evolution and was released on Christmas Day.

For two brothers, it seems like they have few rivalries, although Brenda, Richard’s black girlfriend who becomes his wife, causes friction. How are Jeff and Brenda kindred spirits?

They both have a deep sense of compassion, and they’re both a little psychic. Brenda has what she considers hunches and trusts her instincts. That’s why she was so open to the idea that Jeff has visions and what he calls his funny feelings.

The setting, Buffalo, N.Y. seems volatile due to its extreme weather. Have you kept Buffalo true to reality?

I hope so. Buffalo hasn’t had a blizzard for a few years, but being at the east end of Lake Erie, it does get slammed by what’s called lake effect snow. Storms build up over the lake and dump the snow on the whole area. I live on Lake Ontario and we get the same thing, but not as bad.

While I have never lived in Buffalo, my husband is a Buffalo native, and we visit there often.

Richard is a doctor, who doesn’t practice medicine. Jeff is an investigator, who bartends. Do these guys need career counseling?

LOL! Richard is loaded; he doesn’t need to work. His former job was as a medical researcher (evaluating medical equipment and a variety of other scientific stuff) for a think tank in California. Because of Jeff’s frequent headaches, he ends up calling in sick a lot. Luckily, he has an understanding boss.

Sofie seems like a spirit guide to Jeff. Are they related?    

You have to read Cheated by Death to find out.

In each book, Jeff and Richard take on hot-topic issues, including abortion, sex crimes within the transsexual community, experimental psychology, Ponzi schemes, and racism. Does Jeff have a death wish? Is Richard living vicariously through Jeff’s adventures?

I never thought Jeff had a death wish, but maybe he does. (I must think about this.) Richard definitely lives vicariously through Jeff’s adventures. He’s led a very quiet life, and he realizes that it’s been perhaps a bit too quiet. He isn’t getting any younger, but he also feels a great sense of guilt that he wasn’t a better guardian when Jeff was younger. Of course, now that Richard has a child, he’ll have to reevaluate the extent to which he becomes involved in Jeff’s adventures.

Do you believe that people can have a sixth-sense?


Was the Jeff Resnick series the first you developed? How did you market it?

Yes, it was my first mystery series. I spent five times my advance (which wasn’t much) to send out bookmarks, go to conferences, libraries, book signings, the works. It didn’t do much. It wasn’t until I took control of the series and offered it as an eBook that the series took off. I had a lot of good fortune, which continues to smile on that series. Jeff and the other characters in the books are still my favorite to write.

Again, I’m working on a non-mystery collection for Jeff called Evolution: Jeff Resnick’s Backstory.
While writing the series, I sometimes wanted to know exactly why Jeff and Richard acted the way they did, and I wrote a number of short stories to explain it—just for myself. I’ve mentioned these stories to some of my readers, who expressed a desire to read them, even though they are more character sketches and with no mystery. The book was released on Christmas.

I’d heard that Murder On The Mind, the first-in-series, had been acquired. Then, I’d heard you decided to self-publish this series. What happened, and did Polaris Press publish the series?

The first two books in the series were acquired by Five Star, a small press that targets libraries. The print runs were tiny. I thought I could market the series better myself and took the plunge to become an indie author. It was a great decision. The series found new readers through eBooks on all formats. The first book, Murder On The Mind, is free on all e formats in many countries around the world. (Check out my Website for details.)

You write under different names. How do you feel about that? Do you think branding serves a good purpose, or does it fragment your audience?

I was forced to take a pseudonym when I accepted the contract for the Booktown Mysteries; I wish I could have used my own name, but it wasn’t an option. Writing under three names is difficult. Most of my cozy readers have no idea I write the Jeff Resnick mysteries; likewise most of my Jeff readers have no idea I write the other three series. Although I have an author bio with links in all my books (and on my websites), many readers seem to miss the information. It definitely fragments my audience. : (

Your preference, Lorraine, beach or mountains?

Hmmm…mountains. (But I don’t ski.)

Dark Waters is the latest Jeff Resnick novel. To find out more about her series, check out Lorraine's website. The suspenseful ending had me clinging to my sofa cushions.


Linda Rodriguez said...

Welcome to WWK, Lorraine! Your Resnick books sound fascinating. I knew about your Booktown books, but hadn't connected them with the Resnick books. I've downloaded the first to read.

Another great interview, EB!

James Montgomery Jackson said...

It's always interesting to see how others who live in the area you grew up in treat the area.

One of my favorite writers of Upstate New York was Thomas Perry; now perhaps I have a replacement.

~ Jim

Gloria Alden said...

Lorraine, I remember you saying years ago at Malice Domestic that your Jeff Resnick books were the ones you liked best. They sound fascinating to me. I've read and enjoyed your Booktown series, but I think I'd like this series even better. It sounds a little edgier and covers areas where cozies don't go.

Anonymous said...

I admire your courage to take your favorite series to a self-published status. Do you manage to get many library placements that way? Or did you just decide not to worry about that?

You must be very organized to work on so many series. Do you finish a book and move on to another series, or do you have more than one going at once?

Kara Cerise said...

Your Jeff Resnick books sound so interesting. Thank you for Murder On The Mind, Lorraine. I've downloaded and look forward to reading.

Warren Bull said...

Writing four series is impressive.

E. B. Davis said...

When I first became a Guppy, I heard about the Resnick books on the email list. Before I knew it, Lorraine had turned into Lorna and became a best-selling author in the cozy market. Then on Kindle, I ran into Jeff Resnick. I had to try one because of hearing about the series. I did, becoming addicted, and bought all the books up-to-date. I love when I'm a bit behind an author. Of course, then I catch up and pout. Thanks for the great reads, Lorraine.

Shari Randall said...

Hi Lorraine - thank you for stopping by. I've enjoyed the Booktown books and the Jeff Resnick books sound terrific. How do you manage to keep all your different author personas separate?
Nice work as always, EB!

Anonymous said...

Hi, all, sorry I'm late to the party. I've been ... writing! (Currently working on the next Booktown Mystery.) Linda, so glad to hear you've downloaded the first Jeff Resnick Mystery. I hope you'll enjoy reading it. And James, I hope you'll give it a try, too. Wave to Gloria!

Anonymous said...

KM; To tell you the truth, I haven't looked on Worldcat to see how many copies of my indie books have been sold. I've been trying to get on Overdrive, but haven't had much success. I like to think I'm organized, but my desk tells me otherwise. Sometimes I work on several project, sometimes I don't. I'm currently working on the 9th Booktown mystery and a short story. I need to get my butt in gear with that short. I'd like it out by mid-February.

Anonymous said...

Kara, glad you downloaded Murder on the Mind.

Hi, Warren. Long time no hear from!

I'm so glad to hear you've enjoyed the Resnick series, E.B.

Shari -- it's not hard to keep all my writer personalities separate--they're still all me. Now getting the work out that I write under three different names ... that's difficult.