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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Salad Bowl Saturdays

As regular readers of Writers Who Kill know, Linda Rodriguez announced she needed to relinquish her Saturday blogging spot on WWK due to competing demands of her writing life.
We have decided to try an experiment and see how our readers like it. Rather than recruit someone to write blogs each and every Saturday (note I did not say recruiting someone to replace Linda, who is unique and not replaceable) we want to recruit all kinds of people to write blogs for WWK.
Are you an author, editor, publisher or reader and have a favorite blog you have published elsewhere that you think WWK’s readers would appreciate? Then Salad Bowl Saturday is perfect for you.
Do you have a blog you would like to write, but don’t have a regular blogging spot? Salad Bowl Saturday is awaiting your efforts.
Is there someone whose blogs you have enjoyed in the past, either at WWK or somewhere else, and you’d like to hear more from them? Drop us a note so we can contact them.
Are you an author with a book being released? Maybe Salad Bowl Saturday should be a stop on your blog tour.
Do you have some great tips for writers? Salad Bowl Saturday is a great place to share them.
Should we be interviewing you, but we haven’t found a good spot on our Welcome Wednesday schedule? Salad Bowl Saturday could fit the bill.
We do have a few guidelines we expect bloggers to follow.
We believe every writer benefits from editing suggestions and having several sets of eyes help with proofreading, so several days before posting a blog we share our draft blog with other WWK members to receive their feedback.
As our name implies, we are writers (and readers) of mysteries ranging from cozies to hardboiled. Our followers are similarly eclectic and blogs should reflect our readership.
If you've posted the blog elsewhere, we want to give that blog credit. It’s only fair and we at WWK would expect the same if someone wanted one of us to repeat one of our blogs.
To avoid confusion and have a central coordinator for Salad Bowl Saturdays, anyone interested in blogging or having a suggestion of someone we should contact should correspond by email with me at jmj [at] jamesmjackson.com (spelled out to try to avoid some of the robot-generated spam that occurs whenever an email address is shown with a link).
Of course we also welcome comments to today’s blog. I’m looking forward to getting to know a lot of new people through Salad Bowl Saturdays – oh, and a bonus question for today: if you were part of a salad, what would choose to be: the greens, veggies, tomatoes, fruits, croutons, dressing?
~ Jim 


Gloria Alden said...

As I said before, I think Salad Bowl Saturdays is a terrific idea. I'm looking forward to new people contributing. As for what I'd be, at this time of the year it would have to be a tomato. Nothing tastes better than fresh tomatoes from the garden. Later in the year it would have to be the greens, I guess.

E. B. Davis said...

I like the concept too. Authors who write blogs show their stuff and can advertise their wares. I hope authors will take advantage of the offer. Thanks for writing the announcement, Jim.

Yves Fey said...

Seems like a great opportunity. I think I'd like to be the salad dressing. Dunno why. Pervasive?

E. B. Davis said...

Schedule a date with Jim, Yves. I think we've got a lot of Saturdays open. :>)

Warren Bull said...

Welcome all comers. ps I hate croutons. I call them, "Dead Bread."

Terry Shames said...

This sounds like fun. Count me in. I'll send you an email.

Arugula. That's me. First time I ever tasted it, I thought that's what Rapunzel's mother must have tasted and couldn't get enough of.

Kaye George said...

I've already sent an email. Hope I'm not too late to get the spot I want!

I've always thought of myself as some sort of fruit. Take that any way you want to. :)

EE Kennedy said...

Tomato, definitely.
Because I am one, and because I like them!

James Montgomery Jackson said...

Thanks to all who have responded already. I will get to you all. It may take a bit; my Dad is now in hospice so my routine is a bit discombobulated.

~ Jim

James Montgomery Jackson said...

Thanks to all who have responded already. I will get to you all. It may take a bit; my Dad is now in hospice so my routine is a bit discombobulated.

~ Jim

Polly said...

Good luck. I think it's a great idea.

Kelly Whitley said...

A great idea. And I'd be interested in participating.

If I were a salad, I'd be the raspberries, because they're nice little surprises among the greens.

I'll send an email to JMJ.

cheers, Kelly Whitley(sometimes writing as Whitley Gray or WJ Gray)

Edith Maxwell said...

I'd be the greens, for sure! Sent Jim an email.

Monti said...

I'd like to participate.

Guess salad dressing sounds good to me!

Mary Montague Sikes