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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Man in the Mirror

The Man In The Mirror

Standing at the sink, I look down at my hands. I have old man hands.  There are splotches on the back. Age spots, I think they’re called. The Boston Celtics haven’t called to offer me a tryout. I suspect I’m no longer on their list of who to call in a pinch. I can’t dribble a basketball, shoot or rebound, but I am slow.

The last time I came home from the hospital I saw my grandfather in the mirror. He had pasty white skin, a hairless head, sagging jowls and he was none too stable on his feet.  I don’t see him when I look in the mirror now.  There’s just some old codger who has a certain resemblance to me. 

More frequently when I open my mouth now either my father’s or my mother’s words come out. Actually that’s not a problem. My parents pretty much know what they’re talking about, even when they’re channeling through me.  

These days before I go on trips, I count my pills to be sure I have enough of each medication to last through the time I’ll be away from home.   When I arrive I have more pill bottles than electronic gizmos to plug in by a ratio of at least 2 to 1.   

Maybe I’m feeling a bit morose because the current round of chemo is kicking the crap out of me.  I can walk in the morning only because I’ve figured out all the possible bathroom stops along the way. I’ve had some close calls. Getting older is not for sissies.   Chemo is something sick people should never have to endure. I have only one Velcade shot left in this round.  I feel like Rocky Balboa coming out for the last round against Apollo Creed, battered and bleeding just putting one foot in front of the other.

I may never climb Mount Everest, but I’m still on my feet. Don’t count me out just yet.  


LD Masterson said...

Keep going, Warren. Just keep on going.

Warren Bull said...

Thanks, LD

Linda Rodriguez said...

But that's all you've got to do, Rocky--put one foot in front of the other.

Seriously, Warren, you look remarkably well for all you're going through. And I'm amazed at all you do. You haven't let this kick your ass. You've gotten up swinging every time. You have my deep admiration.

Warren Bull said...

Thank you, Linda. Sometimes it would be easier if it showed.

E. B. Davis said...

I agree, you've hid your ordeal well--almost too well. I knew something was going on, but then the last time your life was disrupted it was due to moving to and from New Zealand--a happy thing.

Your experience will make you a better writer with insight that we lucky ones lack. Small consolation, but your writing and blogging is very much needed and appreciated. Step by step...

Alyx Morgan said...

Glad you're still kickin', Warren.

Warren Bull said...

Thank you, EB. One when a doctor put me on a new medication, he described the medication as, "Old, Cheap and Reliable." That's my new mantra.

Warren Bull said...

Thanks, Alyx. Kicking is what I do.

Gloria Alden said...

I so admire you, Warren. I had no idea you were back to fighting your old enemy. And throughout it all you've kept your sense of humor. Your positive attitude will go along way towards winning your battle.

As for seeing your grandfather's face in the mirror, some months back I saw my grandmother's face and I'm not even going through any problems. I also keep soft lights in my bathroom so I almost always look better there than anywhere else.

I'll be rooting for you, Warren, and remembering you in my prayers.

Dianna Morris said...

People are much stronger than they think they are. You know you can do this. Step by step, just keep moving. I'm rooting for you, too.

Warren Bull said...

Gloria, Thank you. MY wife says I was very funny when I was completely out of it.

Warren Bull said...

Thank you, Dianna.

marja said...

I had no idea you were going through this, Warren. The fact that I'm still seeing your name around the Internet tells me you're a fighter. Keep it up, and know my good thoughts are walking beside you.

Warren Bull said...

Thank you, Marja,

Friends and family give me energy.

Polly Iyer said...

Wow, Warren. I didn't know. I thought your post was so touching, and that's before I knew your battle. Kick that nasty disease down the road, and just keep on kicking.

Warren Bull said...

Thanks, Polly