Monday, March 27, 2023


 Have you ever tried to write something using a new computer? How about with a (relatively) new puppy? The two in tandem raise the difficulty level in writing to previously unseen heights. Technically speaking, I am also writing this with a new word processing program. Word Online is different from Word downloaded to a computer but not so hard that I can’t handle it.  

So how, exactly, did I end up in this fix? First, the laptop I was using died. Kaput. And I really miss it – the keys lit up at night, the keyboard was the right size for my fingers, the speed was perfect, and I had lots stored on it. We have a family laptop, but that is not the same as having my own writing spot. And while it may seem overkill, I really like having a computer dedicated to me and my writing.  

Then I went to the ABA Techshow in Chicago earlier this month. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and to top everything off, I, who never win anything, won a brand new Chromebook! So, I thought to myself, “Voila! I have my writing computer. Hooray!” Which is true, but as with any new technology, there is a learning curve. This learning curve is steeper because Chromebooks do not run off a Windows operating system but off its own system, Chrome OS. Also, as of this writing, Chromebooks are not compatible with Microsoft Office – at least the version that you download onto the computer. I used my Kindle Unlimited subscription to download the book Seniors Guide to Chromebook by Richard Reed (my husband is still laughing at me over the title) and learned that the reason for this is that the Chromebook is designed to use online apps, not programs loaded onto your computer. This allows a Chromebook to carry a lot less internal memory and makes it a lot lighter. Its keyboard is smaller than I’m used to, also, but I think once I get used to its particularities, I will end up liking it a lot. And free is infinitely better than paying for a new laptop, although laptops are lots cheaper than they used to be.  

Now, to backtrack a little. As you may recall, we adopted Max on December 27. He is now six months old, a sweet dog, but a puppy. Being a puppy, he is a very random thing. He does not normally lick me silly, but tonight, as soon as I sat down and opened my computer, he attacked. It’s difficult to write when your eyes are closed and your face is covered with your hands to keep your glasses from getting messed up, all while trying to figure out how to right click on a touch pad that follows its own rules. But finally, I have managed.  

So, for all my (hopefully) temporary difficulties, WWK community, meet my new writing tool, Chromebook. Chromebook, meet the WWK community.  

And everyone, Max says hello!  


  1. I've owned several Chromebooks over the years, although I never used them for writing. The one we have now is relegated to my husband who has no need for a laptop to do anything except search the web and play YouTube videos. It's perfect.

    I don't know if I could give up my Windows though.

    Suggestion: if the touchpad makes you crazy (like it does me) get a wireless mouse.

  2. A thrill a minute at your house! Good luck with the chromebook.

  3. Oh, my! You have got a lot on your plate.

    I've got my fingers crossed that my laptop holds on for a while longer. I do have a Chromebook, I refer to it as "the portal" since all I use it for a games and streaming. It's perfect for both. A word of warning. It took me by surprise. Chrome stops supporting Chromebooks after a certain number of years. You can still use them after that, but no more updates or upgrades so I imagine some of the apps will become obsolete.

  4. Such a cute pup—looks very well-loved!
    I love technology, but the learning curve is real. Best of luck!

  5. Wishing you best of luck with the new Chromebook, Nancy, and continued joy with the new pup.

  6. When I went to get a new laptop, a nice man at BestBuy filled me in on the reality of Chromebook. Since one of the main reasons I wanted to get a laptop (I mostly use my old desktop; I try to back things up, but if it ever fails, I'm sure I'll be lost.) was to use when I was in an area without internet service, it made no sense for me at all.

    I don't find anything more frustrating than needing to learn a new program, esp. if it replaces one I have finally more or less mastered. I still mourn the demise of Word Perfect.

    Best of luck with the new computer and the puppy! Both are worthy ventures.