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Monday, September 19, 2016

Conference Fatigue

by Linda Rodriguez

Ramona DeFelice Long and Kaye Wilkinson Barley  with me
I am depleted right now. It's been a wild week at Bouchercon in New Orleans. I made a by-the-skin-of-my-teeth straight-through drive to get here in time to teach a workshop, and then I did a panel, “Leather and Lace,” and a book-signing. (One of the fans who attended my panel told me later that she was expecting people to take off their clothes and maybe use whips on each other, from the title. I just marvel at the rich imagination of fans.) I've recorded a video vignette that will be on the Sisters in Crime website. I've had lunch and dinner with several good friends that I normally don't have the chance to see in person (waving to Writers Who Kill's own Paula Gail Benson with whom I had a chance to catch up). I've had a chance to catch other writer-friends' panels and missed many more that I'd like to have caught, all while meeting new and delightful people.

Since I'm still undergoing chemo and on cancer meds, however, my stamina is low, and my energy tends to dwindle and run out. I've missed Bouchercon for two years running while going through all of this and knew I would have to pace myself—and I have. I'm writing this on Saturday night, and the conference continues through Sunday, but I believe I've come to the end of my strength and my conference.

It has been wonderful to see so many friends. I must apologize to everyone whose panel I missed, but I know they understand. I've learned some amazing things in the workshops and panels I did attend.. Even though my physical energy is drained, mentally I'm supercharged with inspiration and renewed determination from the speakers I've heard and the other writers I've talked to.

Tomorrow morning, we'll leave New Orleans to start the long and exhausting drive back home. Once I arrive, it may take a couple of days before I'm back online and working. I'm just planning that down time to recuperate this time around. I've learned to do that and not beat myself up over it.

My conference was much more subdued than they've been in the past, but it was still enjoyable, and I'm leaving with a feeling of satisfaction that I was able to do as much as I could without putting myself in difficult physical straits. I've been offline and away from the presidential campaign news for the duration of this conference—and I think that can only be good for me physically. This has been such a stressful and ugly campaign that I suspect just taking a break from it probably dropped my blood pressure and other stress indicators immensely.

How do you deal with the demands of conferences when you're in less than ideal shape? Have you ever cut back your efforts while at a conference?


Jim Jackson said...

Conferences can be exhausting for even healthy introverts. With little time to catch up on needed restorative alone time, it can take a toll. I've learned that I do not have to go to every session of the conference, that helps.

Glad you had an enjoyable time and saw old friends and new, Linda.

Margaret Turkevich said...

Great to meet you at last! I bailed from B'con around 5pm every afternoon to focus on family matters. I sampled lots of panels, some lackluster and some very informative. And made new friends who are at the same stage of their writing careers.

Shari Randall said...

It's good to be reminded that there is no "right" way to do a conference. I remember my first Malice Domestic. It took days to recover because I thought I had to do every panel - and I tried - ducking in and out and generally missing the point that pacing, at conferences as in writing, is important.
Still, it sounds like you did a lot! Glad you had a good conference. I hope I'll get to see you at one soon. Are you planning to do Malice or Bouchercon Toronto?

Grace Topping said...

Thanks, Linda, for an update from Bouchercon. I'm glad you were able to get there and do as much as you did. I'm sorry to have missed it. Now have a much deserved rest.

Art Taylor said...

It was great seeing you, Linda--and best wishes with bouncing back from Bouchercon and with building up strength and stamina just generally. So glad you were able to make it to New Orleans!

Paula Gail Benson said...

Linda, it was marvelous to have the opportunity to spend time with you and to meet Ben. I thought your workshop on diversity was outstanding and I learned so much from our conversations. Thank you for coming to Bouchercon and please get some well-deserved rest.

Kait said...

Oh Linda, major kudos on attending and doing so much while you were there. I have to admit, it's the driving part that would get me. I had to pass on last year's Bouchercon because of health issues. I had looked forward to this one until I discovered that I couldn't get the time off from work :(. Next year - Toronto!

Sounds like you had a great conference though, and it's never a bad thing to pace yourself.

KM Rockwood said...

Sounds to me like you made the most of Bouchercon, setting priorities and recognizing your limits.

I was sorry to have missed this one.

Rest up so you can dive back into your hectic world. You do so much, I can't begin to follow your activities!

Linda Rodriguez said...

Jim, you're right that part of it is just the natural introvert that I am. I can put on the extrovert, learned that in decades of a job that was tailor-made for an extrovert, but it takes its toll if I don't have alone time to recoup.

Margaret, it was a delight to finally meet you in the flesh after teaching you for so many classes and then having you as a blogmate.

Shari, I might do Malice. Don't think I'll do Toronto--unless the orange blob wins and I have to flee for my life.

It's a little after 10 pm and I've just arrived home in KC. Sorry not to reply earlier, but I've been on the road all day long.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Thanks, Grace! It's a great conference to attend.

Art, it ws lovely to finally meet you in person also. Again, congratulations on the Anthony win. Well-deserved!

Paula, we had a lot of fun, didn't we? We have to stop meeting just at conferences.

Kait, boo for work! I know what that's like, though. You'll have to represent us at Toronto, though, because I don't think I'll do that. I'm trying to avoid flying and go where we can either drive or take the train.

Linda Rodriguez said...

KM, it was a good conference. Age brings wisdom, they say. I think it brings us limitations that make us realize we can't be superwoman or superman.