Monday, May 8, 2023

Malice Memories 2023

 by Shari Randall/Meri Allen

Writing is a solitary activity. This is why writers' conferences are such noisy occasions - we have so much to talk about when we finally do get together! Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Malice Domestic, the annual celebration of the traditional mystery (mysteries with no explicit sex, violence, or language). Since that's the genre of many of the Writers Who Kill, our mini-reunion was one of the conference highlights for me. Here are a few pictures from that lovely time. 

Writers Who Kill Mini Reunion! L to R: Debra Goldstein, Mary Dutta, Marilyn Levinson/Allison Brook, Grace Topping, Sarah E. Burr, Korina Moss, Lori Roberts Herbst, Shari Randall/Meri Allen. Our own Annette Dashofy was nominated for the Best Contemporary Agatha, and Connie Berry was nominated for the Lilian Jackson Braun Edgar Award. Sadly, both missed the photo.

L to R: Eileen McIntire, Sarah E. Burr, me, new WWKer Heather Weidner, Teresa Inge
Let me tell you, if you're ever planning a conference, get Sarah E. Burr to moderate. I was already eagerly anticipating my panel, Nancy Drew: How Did She Inspire You, but Sarah's exceptional preparation and warm personality made it less a panel and more of a fun conversation among friends. And yes, I splurged on a Nancy Drew T-shirt.

One of the highlights of the conference is the Malice Tea. This year it celebrated author Elizabeth Peters and her beloved Amelia Peabody series. Lori Roberts Herbst and I were the lucky winners of Amelia Peabody T-shirts!

Talk about a highlight: new WWK member Korina Moss took home an Agatha award for her debut novel!

Do you have a favorite conference?

Shari Randall is the author of the Agatha Award winning Lobster Shack Mystery series (yes, she has a teapot just like Korina's. Under her pen name Meri Allen, she writes the new Ice Cream Shop Mystery series starring Riley Rhodes, a former librarian and asset for the CIA who finds that running an ice cream shop in the peaceful village of Penniman, Connecticut, isn't the quiet escape she'd hoped for. Riley's next adventure, FATAL FUDGE SWIRL, comes out in June.


  1. It's great you had and the others had a fun time at Malice. I've gone many times, including the years I represented the Guppy Chapter of Sisters in Crime as its president. However, my writing tends to be just a little too gritty and cussy for Malice readers. So, unless I change my writing (a children's novel maybe?) I think my Malice days are over.

    I've always enjoyed Left Coast Crime.

  2. I didn't make it to Malice this year. I've enjoyed it in the past, and I hope to get there next year. It's a great conference, and it's so inspiring to meet (and re-meet) so many wonderful writers and fans.

  3. Jim, I remember meeting you at the old hotel! Perhaps when you get that children's book written we can have a meeting of all the WWKers at Malice. (Or maybe Bouchercon...)

  4. KM, you were missed! You're so right about the inspiration. I feel like my batteries are recharged every time I go to a conference.

  5. The photos are great and it looks like all had a fabulous time.

    I have yet to attend my first writer's conference. Looking forward to changing that sometime soon!

  6. I'm so bummed I didn't make it to the group photo session. I need a clone.

    Malice was fantastic, as always, but there's never enough time to see everyone I want to see.

  7. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, Shari! As one of the "newbies" to WWK, it was so nice to meet people in person. Wish there'd been more time for us all to sit down and chat. Thanks for welcoming me so warmly!

  8. I'll be there next year.

    During Killer Nashville in 2021 and 2022 I had good agent interactions.

  9. Kait, I can't wait to see you at a conference! I want to hear about your ballet years!

    Annette, you were kind of busy being an Agatha nominee! Next year!

    Lori, it was so nice to get to know you, and I'm so glad I got to sit with you at the tea.

    Margaret - hooray! It will be wonderful to see you at Malice. Killer Nashville is on my list - maybe next year.

  10. I had the good fortune to attend Malice, which has become like a family reunion for writers in the traditional mystery family. Unfortunately, the problem is there are so many people there that I don’t get a chance to have a nice chat with everyone I wanted to see.

  11. I’m afraid my Malices are over. But I enjoyed it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  12. It was lovely being with everyone, but time and visiting was limited. I'd see someone and glance away .... and not see them again. But, I had a blast.

  13. Someday, I'd like to go back. And I'm hoping to sneak down to Bouchercon for a day or two this year since it's only a few hours away.