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Friday, January 21, 2011

Writing Challenges

Writing Challenges

Every writer faces challenges when attempting to write. Challenges like interruptions, family, health, work and life in general. At the moment my primary challenge is health. I am recovering from a second bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer.) I am on a medication named Revlimid which is closely related to Thalidomide. Remember Thalidomide babies? I once worked with a delightful young woman whose mother had taken Thalidomide. The young woman had vestigial arms. She typed and ate with her feet. The medication was first prescribed as a sleep aid before the terrible effects on growing fetuses were known.

I have started on a schedule of three weeks on and one week off the medication. The longer I am on the medication each round, the more side effects, i.e., fatigue and joint pain, I experience. I find I don’t write much while I’m asleep or in pain.

I am sitting here typing in my p.j.s, having spent most of the last two days sleeping or forcing myself to stay awake. I tried to write a blog yesterday and it came out like an outline.

On the positive side after this transplant, like after the first one I started reading short stories, progressed to children’s books and then to adult novels. The skill of editing slowly came back. Then I could revise work I had started before. Now I’m back to actual writing much of the time. I can tell you I missed it.

I’m not complaining, I’m happy to live at a time when my illness is not an automatic death sentence. I know many people have it worse than I do and I have a wonderfully supportive spouse and family.

What Challenges do you face in your writing?


E. B. Davis said...

My challenges are competing demands on my time. Compared to yours, mine sound laughable. We're all routing for you Warren, keep up your spirits and writing. Congratulations on the publication of Murder Manhattan Style!

Donnell said...

Gosh, Warren, I haven't an ounce of the challenges you face. I'm relieved that you're wisely taking steps toward getting your writing back on track. I hope your prognosis is outstanding, and you're right, thank goodness we live in an era where medical technology has advanced so far.

My challenge is fear/the time of life that I'm in and a dull brain LOL. Bad combination. As my daughter says, Suck it up, Soldier. If I sit down with a pad and take things down in shorthand, get away from the keyboard it's like I play a trick on my mind. Must be because no one read it, and it's just between me and my muse.

So glad you're feeling better!

Warren Bull said...

Thanks, E.B. and Donnell. I'm currently (temporarily) off meds and its time for me to get back into the saddle or desk chair if yo prefer.

Sue said...

Warren, was the first transplant an autalgous or was there a donor involved. My writing challenges has all but disappeared except for those self-imposed. I know too much about bone-marrow transplants because my husband suffered through one after learning he was in stage 4 Rickter's Transformation lymphoma. Two years later, he's great and I'm still hocking books and trying to get the words right.

Ricky Bush said...

Life's a always a challenge, and throwing a writing life into the mix is always going to stir the pot. Take care of you health first and deal with the rest later.

Pauline Alldred said...

I hope you continue to recover, Warren, and I'm enjoying reading Murder Manhattan Style.

My challenges to writing are minor compared with yours. I have periodic bouts of wondering whether I'm wasting my time writing and am I the world's worst writer. Even if I have no talent, my writing is not harming anyone else, not that I know of, anyway.

Warren Bull said...

Sue, luckily my two transplants were both autologous (from my own bone marrow.) They got enough from the first harvest that when a needed a second transplant 2 1/2 years later I had enough that I did not need a second harvest.

Kaye George said...

Next to yours (I'm sure you've heard this way too much), my challenges are minor. The fact that there are only 24 hours in a day is the biggest one. A pesky online solitaire addiction is next on the list.

Keep on keepin' on, Warren. You're doing fine.

jennymilch said...

Oh Warren. I'm sorry for the pain you must cope with. I hear you that in one way you're lucky. And I do hope the treatment comes to a successful end soon and you can enjoy regained health.

Until then, it's wonderful how your writing progresses.

My challenges are on the publishing end. Those can hurt too, but it's all emotional.

Thanks for sharing your update.

Warren Bull said...

Someone once said. "LIfe is what happens to you while you're busy making plans. And today I had a great idea for a story. Today I'm writing, making plans for a signing. Life is good.

Warren Bull said...

Oops! With a new book out I am supposed to take every opportunity to flog it. You can buy Murder Manhattan Style at http://www.ninthmonthpublishing.com/books.html

and support the publisher who supported me