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Friday, April 19, 2013

What's Up With That?

Mysteries of the known universe that need unraveling:

Dear unknown e-mailer,
Do you really think I’m going to believe you are offering me millions of Euros, Yen or Dollars when your message to me contains errors in spelling and grammar? You command fortunes and can’t afford a secretary with skills in basic English? Am I supposed to believe the supposed FBI messages that speak for your validity?  I suspect the FBI has more important things to do than check out e-mail scams.

What is going to happen in China when the boys get older and figure out that many girls their age have been adopted by families in other countries and there will not be nearly as many women as there are men? Do you know the meaning of “polyandry?”

Is there any need at all for yet another “innovation” in how to open a beer can?

Why is every movie advertised like it is the “new” Gone With the Wind or Citizen Kane? What would be wrong with describing a movie as light, fun and worth two hours of your time?  Don’t you think advertising a film as entertainment that will not offend grandmothers or upset small children would attract a substantial audience, even though it might not be a blockbuster?

While I’m on the topic of movies, why do well-written, intelligent movie scripts drop twenty-five intelligence points in the final quarter of the film?

Why does a psychic keep sending me new readings? Doesn’t she, as a psychic, know that I deleted all previous reading without opening any? Doesn’t she know this one is going to the electronic trash heap unopened as well?  Just how psychic is she? 

Do you have answers? How about mysteries that need solving? 


Gloria Alden said...

Great blog, Warren. Why do friends and some of the Guppy digests go to junk mail, when an email with the subject referring to something with kinky sex go to my regular email. And no! I do not browse the web looking for anything like that. :-) Also, why do the emails from the political party I support all go to my junk mail, too. Is it a conspiracy by he other party? And even worse, who designs these things to prove I'm not a robot with blurry numbers on a foggy background?

Warren Bull said...

Could it be that the robots are behind the whole thing?
They might be making a list of who is human so they know who to attack in the upcoming robot apocalypse.

randall031 said...

THESE are the questions that keep me up at night. When you eventually find the answers, please share. Thanks.

E. B. Davis said...

The big mystery in VA is why the state government decided to issue refunds via debit card. Our accountant didn't tell us we had a choice of check or debit card. The VA government substantiated their decision by saying that there was a lot of refund check fraud going on. That maybe the case, but what they haven't figured out is that the debit card companies already have a fraud going on. The VA government is helping them do so.

My daughter once got paid by a debit card. She called for her balance and then asked the bank teller to deposit that amount into her account. That was impossible because when she called to get the balance, they deducted a fee. So when the teller tried to deducted the amount it bounced because the amount was lessened by the fee. This went on and on until about three hours of her employment was eaten away in debit card fees. After the bank manager and I got on the phone with the debit company, finally we got what remained of her paycheck deposited.

What a scam to stick up taxpayers with!

Warren Bull said...

Randall, Just as soon as know I will tell you.

Warren Bull said...

EB Who is the state government is connected to a debt company?

E. B. Davis said...

I don't know. I don't if anyone is connected to the debit company. I just think that if they had researched how these debit cards worked, it would have occurred to them that debit cards were not appropriate. All that tax refund money that should be rightfully the taxpayers will go to the company in fees. The cards are impossible to use without getting hit with a fee.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Great blog, Warren. Why does my neighbor choose a day when I have a deadline to meet to go out in his yard with mower, chainsaw, pneumatic drill, etc.--all day?

Warren Bull said...

EB, maybe if you got a list of campaign donors the answer might appear

Warren Bull said...

Linda, Apparently you have attracted the attention of the Devil, which means you are doing something worthwhile. I rarely get interrupted when I am just wasting time.

Charles St.Clair said...

Here's my question: Isn't it possible that highly evolved species from other galaxies have visited Earth and decided that making contact with us would be more trouble than it's worth?

Kara Cerise said...

Fun blog, Warren. Why do the instructions on my One A Day vitamins say to take two tablets every day. I'm not a whiz at math but this doesn't add up.

Pauline Alldred said...

Enjoyed your blog, Warren. Most of my neighbors seems reasonable and likeable people so why does one of my neighbors think he's surrounded by drug peddlers and people out to take what's his? Pauline

KM said...

How about the old mystery of why we park on the driveway but drive on the parkway?